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George Clarke is a film director from Northern Ireland. He launched Yellow Fever Productions in October 2007[citation needed]. The following year Clarke directed his first film, Battle of the Bone (aka Zombie Wars: Battle of the Bone), about a Zombie attack on Belfast. It won the Audience Choice award at the Freak Show Film Festival in Orlando, 2008[citation needed].

George Clarke, Filmmaker

In 2009, Clarke made his second micro-budget film, The Knackery (aka Zombie Games: The Knackery)[citation needed].

In October 2010, Clarke uploaded a video clip entitled "Chaplin's Time Traveler" to YouTube, which received worldwide media attention. The clip analyzes bonus material in a DVD of the Charlie Chaplin film The Circus, which included footage from the film's Los Angeles premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in 1928. At one point, a woman is seen walking by, holding up an object to her ear, which appeared to be a cell phone.[1] The clip has sparked much debate and speculation regarding the true identity of the device.

In 2011, Clarke departed from the 'Zombie' genre to create a ghost story based on true events, called The Last Light. Filmed in the ruins of Cairndhu House, a mansion built on the coast of County Antrim in 1878. The house is reputedly haunted and it is reported that the cast and crew experienced chilling occurrences while filming. .[citation needed] The Best Actor category at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival was won by The Last Light's leading actor Robert Render.[2]

In 2012, Clarke's fourth feature film was a Clown inspired horror/comedy called Splash Area. Director Albert Pyun stated that the film was “Relentlessly fun and surprising tense… Outstanding performances and imaginative direction make Splash Area unique and exceptional!”.[3] Splash Area was awarded 'Best SFX' and the 'Jury's Choice' Awards at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival in Florida, USA.[4]

In 2012, Clarke's films were released on DVD and VOD in North America, by Eagle One Media.

In 2013, Clarke directed Onus, a thriller movie filmed in Norway and Northern Ireland. In 2014 Onus screened at the Silver Springs Film Festival, in Florida where it was nominated for Best Feature[citation needed]. Onus is due to be released by Left Films DVD and VOD throughout the UK, Ireland and Australia in June 2016.

Clarke's 6th feature 'The Blood Harvest' won two awards at the 2015 Freak Show Horror Film Festival in Florida[citation needed]: leading actor Robert Render won Best Actor for his role as Jack Chaplin and the second award was Best SFX, which was accepted by Clarke, on behalf of his special effects make-up team led by Rachel C. Johnston and Connie McGrath. The film was later released on DVD and VOD in the UK and Ireland on 25 January 2016 by Left Films.[5] The Blood Harvest has also been selected to be released on DVD and VOD in North America, Australia and selected European Countries with release late 2016[citation needed].


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