Georgios Thomopoulos

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Georgios Thomopoulos in the early 20th century.

Georgios Thomopoulos (Greek: Γεώργιος Θωμόπουλος) was a Greek chieftain of the Macedonian Struggle, known by the nom de guerre Captain Gogos (καπετάν Γκόγκος).


The chieftains Georgios Thomopoulos, Nikolaos Strebinos and Michail Anagnostakos with their armed group.

Thomopoulos was born in Ritini of Pieria in 1866. From the beginning of the Macedonian Struggle he joined as a soldier in the guerrilla groups that acted in the region. He soon emerged as a chieftain and set up his own armed group, headed and known by the nickname "Captain Gogos."

He acted with his group in the area of Mount Olympus with the main task of protecting the Greek population from Ottoman arbitrariness, providing security to the supplies that were directed to Macedonia by the Greek state, and the suppression of the Romanian propaganda among the Aromanian population. He collaborated with chieftain Nikolaos Strebinos, as well as with Nikolaos Rokas, Michail Anagnostakos and Georgios Frangakos (Maleas).

After the Young Turk Revolution and the granting of amnesty to the rebels, Thomopoulos was forced to flee with his family which was prosecuted by the Ottoman authorities. He took part as a volunteer with his group in the Balkan Wars.

He died in 1952.


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