Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005

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Eurovision Song Contest 2005
Country Germany
National selection
Selection processGermany 12 Points!
Selection date(s)12 March 2005
Selected entrantGracia
Selected song"Run & Hide"
Finals performance
Final result24th, 4 points
Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Gracia represented Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 with the song "Run & Hide". The song was composed and produced by David Brandes and written by Bernd Meinunger.

Gracia Arabella Baur was born in Munich and came to fame in the talent show 'Deutschland sucht den Superstar' ('Pop Idol').

Before Eurovision[edit]

Germany 12 Points![edit]

Germany 12 Points! was the competition that selected Germany's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2005. The competition took place on 12 March 2005 at the Treptow Arena in Berlin, hosted by Reinhold Beckmann. Ten acts competed during the show with the winner being selected through a public televote.

Competing entries[edit]

Nine acts were nominated by major record labels. The nine participating acts were announced on 27 January 2005.[1] On 9 February 2005, Gracia was announced as the tenth act participating in the final due to her success in the German singles charts during early 2005.[2]

Artist Song Songwriter(s)
Allee der Kosmonauten "Dein Lied" Mischa Marin
Ellen ten Damme "Plattgeliebt" Udo Lindenberg
Gracia "Run & Hide" David Brandes, Jane Tempest, John O'Flynn
Königwerq "Unschlagbar" Dania König, Mathias Kiefer
Mia Aegerter "Alive" Mia Aegerter, Julian Feifel
Nicole Süßmilch & Marco Matias "A Miracle of Love" Ralph Siegel, John O'Flynn
Orange Blue "A Million Teardrops" Volkan Baydar, Fontaine Burnett, Bülent Aris
Stefan Gwildis "Wunderschönes Grau" Stefan Gwildis, Michy Reincke
The Murphy Brothers "Picking Up the Pieces" Andrew Murphy, Stephen Murphy
Villaine "Adrenalin" Peter Power, Ully Jonas, Vera Viehöfer


The televised final took place on 12 March 2005. The winner was selected through two rounds of public voting, including options for landline and SMS voting. In the first round of voting, the top two entries were selected to proceed to the second round. The top two entries were: "A Miracle of Love" performed by Nicole Süßmilch & Marco Matias and "Run & Hide" performed by Gracia. In the second round, the winner, "Run & Hide" performed by Gracia, was selected.

Final – 12 March 2005
Draw Artist Song Televote Place
1 The Murphy Brothers "Picking Up the Pieces"
2 Ellen ten Damme "Plattgeliebt"
3 Orange Blue "A Million Teardrops"
4 Königwerq "Unschlagbar"
5 Villaine "Adrenalin"
6 Allee der Kosmonauten "Dein Lied" 14.10% 3
7 Nicole Süßmilch & Marco Matias "A Miracle of Love" 22.69% 1
8 Gracia "Run & Hide" 16.70% 2
9 Stefan Gwildis "Wunderschönes Grau"
10 Mia Aegerter "Alive"
Superfinal – 12 March 2005
Draw Artist Song Televote Place
1 Nicole Süßmilch & Marco Matias "A Miracle of Love" 47.2% 2
2 Gracia "Run & Hide" 52.8% 1


"Run and Hide" stirred some controversy in Germany, when it turned out that Brandes had bought numerous copies of the CD himself so the song would chart high in the German Top 100. The song was temporarily disqualified from the chart listing, but Gracia's Eurovision appearance itself was never in any danger.


The spokesperson who revealed Germany's votes for other countries was comedian Thomas Hermanns.[3]

Points awarded by Germany[edit]

Points awarded to Germany[edit]

Points awarded to Germany (final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

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