Go Mix! Radio

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Go Mix! Radio
TypeRadio network
BrandingGo Mix! Christian Radio
AvailabilityNorth Carolina
SloganYour Christian Superstations
OwnerPathway Christian Academy, Inc.[1]
WebcastListen Live
Official website

Go Mix! Radio is a network of Christian radio stations in North Carolina, broadcasting Christian music.

Go Mix! Radio is currently heard on 8 full powered stations in North Carolina.[2]


Call sign Frequency
City of license ERP
m (ft)
Class FCC info
WAGO 88.7 Snow Hill, North Carolina 17,000 89 m (292 ft) C3 FCC
WZGO 91.1 Aurora, North Carolina 40,000 107 m (351 ft) C2 WZGO FCC
WZRU 90.1 Garysburg, North Carolina 11,000 154 m (505 ft) C2 WZRU FCC
WGXO 90.9 Magnolia, North Carolina 8,000 105 m (344 ft) C3 FCC
WGXM 91.1 Calypso, North Carolina 2,200 49.7 m (163 ft) A FCC
WZRN 90.5 Norlina, North Carolina 2,300 91 m (299 ft) A FCC
WHGO 91.3 Hertford, North Carolina 3,100 106 m (348 ft) A FCC
WTGX 90.5 Williamston, North Carolina 20,000 92 m (302 ft) C3 FCC


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