Goethals Monument

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Goethals Monument
Monumento a Goethals-vertical.jpg
Goethals Monument in 2009
LocationPanama City, Panamá,  Panama
Coordinates8°57′31″N 79°33′20″W / 8.958496°N 79.555628°W / 8.958496; -79.555628
DesignatedMarch 31, 1954

The Goethals Monument in Panama City, Panama was constructed in honor of George Washington Goethals the chief engineer of the Panama Canal and United States Army General. He also was the State Engineer of New Jersey and the Acting Quartermaster General of the United States Army in WWI.[1][2]

It was designed by Alfred P. Shaw of Chicago and was built by the Martinz de Panamá construction company.[3]

The monument is a white Vermont marble construction and was revealed to the public on March 31, 1954. Its central high part symbolizes the Continental Divide and the piles on the sides represent the Canal locks, from which the waters of Gatun Lake reach the oceans.[4][5]

Al mayor general George W. Goethals

Ingeniero Jefe del
Canal de Panamá
ingeniero genial
hombre de visión.
Este monumento es
dedicado≈por sus

To Major General George W. Goethals

Chief Engineer of the
Panama Canal
great engineer
and visionary.
This monument is
dedicated (to you) by
your fellow countrymen.


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