List of governors of the Windward Islands

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This is a list of viceroys in the British Windward Islands. The colony of the Windward Islands was created in 1833 and consisted of Grenada, Barbados (to 1885), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Tobago (to 1889), St. Lucia (from 1838), and Dominica (from 1940). The Governor of Barbados was also the Governor of the Windward Islands, until Barbados became an independent colony in 1885. After this, a Governor of the Windward Islands was appointed with a seat in Grenada.

Governors of Barbados and the British Windward Islands (1833–1885)[edit]

Governors-in-Chief of the Windward Islands (1885–1960)[edit]

Term Incumbent Notes
1885–1888 Sir Walter Joseph Sendall
1889–1892 Sir Walter Hely-Hutchinson
1893–1897 Sir Charles Bruce
1897–1900 Sir Cornelius Alfred Moloney
1900–1906 Sir Robert Baxter Llewelyn [1]
1906–1909 Sir Ralph Champneys Williams
1909–1914 Sir James Hayes Sadler
1914–1923 Sir George Basil Haddon-Smith
1924–1930 Sir Frederick Seton James
1930–1935 Sir Thomas Alexander Vans Best
1935–19 January 1937 Sir Selwyn MacGregor Grier
19 January 1937 – 18 May 1942 Sir Henry Bradshaw Popham
18 May 1942 – 1948 Sir Arthur Grimble
1948–1953 Brigadier Sir Robert Arundell
1953–1955 Edward Betham Beetham
1955–1 January 1960 Sir Colville Montgomery Deverell


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