Grand Duke Alexander Alexandrovich of Russia

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Grand Duke Alexander Alexandrovich
Alexander russia.jpg
Post-Mortem Photograph of Alexander Alexandrovich on his bier in 1870.
Born(1869-06-07)7 June 1869
Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire
Died(1870-05-02)2 May 1870 (10 months 25 days)
St. Petersburg, Russian Empire
FatherAlexander III of Russia
MotherDagmar of Denmark

Grand Duke Alexander Alexandrovich of Russia (Russian: Великий Князь Александр Александрович Романов; 7 June 1869 – 2 May 1870) was the infant son of Emperor Alexander III–the heir apparent, styled Tsesarevich, to the Russian throne as the eldest living son of Emperor Alexander II–and his consort, Marie Fyodorovna of Russia. He was Alexander and Marie's second child, second son, and the younger brother of the future Emperor Nicholas II. He died of meningitis in 1870, one month before his first birthday. "The doctors maintain he did not suffer, but we suffered terribly to see and hear him,"[1] his mother wrote to her own mother, Queen Louise of Denmark.


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