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The Grand Mufti of Australia is a Sunni Muslim cleric in Australia. Unlike Grand Muftis in some Sunni Muslim majority countries, the Grand Mufti of Australia is not state appointed and has no official role in the Australian state. Instead, the Grand Mufti of Australia is elected by the Australian National Imams Council.[1][2]

Abdel Aziem Al-Afifi was the Grand Mufti of Australia from March-July 2018, dying in office on 11 July 2018 only 4 months into his tenure. Ibrahim Abu Mohamed was reassigned as the acting Grand Mufti until the next Australian Nation Imams Council General Assembly in 2019.[3][4]

List of Grand Muftis[edit]

  1. Taj El-Din Hilaly (1992–2007)
  2. Fehmi Naji (2007–2011)
  3. Ibrahim Abu Mohamed (2011–2018)[5]
  4. Abdel Aziem Al-Afifi (2018)[3][4]

Since Al-Afifi's death in July 2018 Ibrahim Abu Mohamed has assumed the role in an acting capacity.


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