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Greek - Vietnamese relations
Map indicating locations of Greece and Vietnam



Republic of Greece and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam have bilateral relations. Greece hosts the Vietnamese embassy in Athens, and Vietnam hosts its Greek counterpart in Hanoi.


While two countries have not much historical links in the past, the ancient Funan that occupied southern Vietnam and Cambodia did have maintain trades with Greek merchants.[1] Greeks viewed Funan as one of the most prosperous civilizations, and many of its gems were brought back to Greece in response.[2] However, with the fall of Funan and the later rise of other ancient states like Đại Việt, Champa, Khmer Empire; relationship with Greece was totally disappeared and it was not until 20th century that saw two countries established tie.

Indochina War[edit]

During the First Indochina War between the Vietnamese led by Việt Minh and France, a Greek who deserted from French Army, Kostas Sarantidis, sought destiny by fighting on the Vietnamese side against the French.[3] He eventually adopted his Vietnamese name, "Nguyễn Văn Lập", and married a Vietnamese woman, became fluent on the Vietnamese language as well. Due to his efforts on liberating Vietnam from the French, he was rewarded "Friendship Order and Vietnamese nationality" in 2011.[4]

Vietnam War[edit]

While the Vietnam War was not Greece's priority, Greek Australians formed a part of the Australian Defence Force and fought against North Vietnam on the side of the South.[5]


With Vietnam's Đổi Mới reforms, Greece and Vietnam established official relations, and it has been perceived as good to excellent. Vietnam has attached increasingly tie with the Greeks, particularly in recent years, with Greece supports Vietnam's FTA with European Union, in which Greece is a member.[6] Diplomatic tie has also been increased as well.[7]

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