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In-Memory Computing Platform
Developer(s)GridGain Systems
Initial release2007
Stable release
8.7.14 / March 27, 2020 (2020-03-27)
Written inJava
Available inEnglish
LicenseCommercial proprietary software Edit this on Wikidata

GridGain Systems is a privately held information technology company, established in 2007, with its headquarters located in Foster City, California. It provides software and services for big data systems by utilizing in-memory computing to increase data throughput and minimize latency.


In-memory processing uses high-performance, integrated and distributed memory systems to compute and transact on large-scale data sets in real-time.[1] GridGain’s products are marketed for ACID-compliant high-volume transactions, real-time business intelligence, as well as hybrid transactional and analytical processing and for the Internet of things.


The US company was incorporated in 2011, founded by Nikita Ivanov and Dmitriy Setrakyan in Pleasanton, California. A funding round of $2 to $3 million was disclosed in November, 2011.[2] By 2013 it was located in Foster City, California when it disclosed funding of $10 million.[3] Sberbank of Russia announced they would use the technology,[4] and led a $15 million funding round on February 18, 2016.[5]

Products and services[edit]

GridGain Systems offers in-memory computing software and services solutions.[buzzword] The company also provides support, consulting and training for the Apache Ignite and GridGain in-memory computing platforms.

Apache Ignite[edit]

GridGain provides software built on the open source Apache Ignite project for the Java programming language, the .NET Framework and C++. In 2014, GridGain Systems donated their core code base to the Apache Software Foundation as the open source Apache Ignite project.[6]

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