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Guajajaras (mãe e filho).jpg
Total population
19,471 (2006)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Brazil Brazil (Maranhão)
Guajajara (a Tupi–Guarani language)
traditional tribal religion
Related ethnic groups

The Guajajara are an indigenous people in the Brazilian state of Maranhão. They are one of the most numerous indigenous groups in Brazil, with an estimated 13,100 individuals living on indigenous land.[1]

In 1901, the Guajajara fought Capuchin missionaries in what is regarded the last Brazilian "war against the Indians." Chief Cauiré Imana had succeeded in uniting many villages to destroy the Capuchin mission and expel all whites from the region between the cities of Barra do Corda and Grajaú. The Indians were defeated by a militia made up of army contingents, military police, and Canelas warriors.[1]


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