Gula Mons

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Gula Mons
Gula Mons 3D.jpg
Gula Mons is displayed in this computer-simulated view of the surface of Venus
Feature typeMountain
Coordinates21°54′N 359°06′E / 21.9°N 359.1°E / 21.9; 359.1Coordinates: 21°54′N 359°06′E / 21.9°N 359.1°E / 21.9; 359.1
Diameter276 km

Gula Mons is a volcano in western Eistla Regio on Venus; it is 3 kilometers (1.9 mi) high and located at approximately 22 degrees north latitude, 359 degrees east longitude.

Topographic features[edit]

Its main feature is a NE-SW-oriented rift-like fracture set connecting two summit calderas. There is also a structure which links the northern caldera and ridge system to Idem Kuva corona located NW of Gula Mons. Radially spreading lava flows which have digitate and broad sheet-like forms extend from the summit, including radar-dark flows which overlay several older lava deposits. Radial and circumferential fractures are present on the flanks.