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Hachee 1.jpeg
Dutch hachee with beef and onion
Place of originNetherlands
Main ingredientsMeat, fish or poultry; vegetables

Hachée (Dutch pronunciation: [ɦɑˈʃeː][1]) is a traditional Dutch stew based on diced meat, fish or poultry, and vegetables. Hachee based on beef, onions and acid (usually vinegar or wine) is a typical example of traditional Dutch cuisine. Clove and bay leaves are added to the thick gravy. It is usually served with potatoes or rice. Dutch people may occasionally combine Hachee with hutspot.


The word hachée in French means chopped or ground, being the past participle of the verb hacher -- to chop or grind. Hachées have been described in Medieval buffets, although the exact recipe usually is not described. The stew probably has its origin in the reuse of meat cooked in a Dutch oven together with vegetables that happened to be available. Wine or vinegar were added to make the meat more tender.[2]

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