Hanxi Changlong station

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Hanxi Changlong

Guangzhou Metro
Hanxi Changlong Station Platform 4.jpg
Platform 4 (Line 7)
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese汉溪长隆站
Traditional Chinese漢溪長隆站
General information
LocationPanyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong
Operated byGuangzhou Metro Co. Ltd.
Line(s)     Line 3      Line 7
Platforms4 (2 island platform)
Structure typeUnderground
Other information
Station code
  • 303 (line 3)
  • 705 (line 7)
Opened30 December 2006
Preceding station   Guangzhou Metro   Following station
toward Panyu Square
Line 3
Line 7
Sign pointing to Chimelong Tourist Resort

Hanxi Changlong Station (Chinese: 汉溪长隆站) is an interchange station on Line 3 and Line 7 of the Guangzhou Metro that started operation on 28 December 2006. It is located under the east side of Hanxi Avenue (汉溪大道), the Xinguang Expressway (新光快速公路), and the south of Chime-Long Paradise Amusement Park in the Dashi Subdistrict (zh) of the Panyu District of Guangzhou. There is a free shuttle bus connecting the station with the amusement park.[1][2][3]

Before the station started operation, it was called "Hanxi Station" (汉溪站) and "Changlong Station" (长隆站) successively. The residents nearby were disappointed with the name "Changlong Station" because they felt that the name favoured the Chimelong Group, Chimelong Paradise's owner and operator. The Guangzhou Municipal Government later approved a change of name to "Hanxi Changlong Station" which satisfied both the residents and the enterprise.[4][5]

Station layout[edit]

G Street level Exit
Line 7 Lobby Customer Service, Shops, Vending machines, ATMs
Transfer Passageway Transfer passageway between Lines 3 & 7
Line 3 Lobby Customer Service, Shops, Vending machines, ATMs
Equipment Area and Platforms
- Station equipments
Platform 1  3  towards Panyu Square (Shiqiao)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Platform 2  3  towards Tianhe Coach Terminal (Dashi)
Platform 4  7  towards Guangzhou South Railway (Zhongcun)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Platform 3  7  towards Higher Education Mega Center South (Nancun Wanbo)


Exit number Exit location
Exit A Hanxi Dadao
Exit C Hanxi Dadao
Exit D Hanxi Dadao
Exit E Hanxi Dadao
Exit F Hanxi Dadao
Exit G Hanxi Dadao

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Coordinates: 22°59′35″N 113°19′48″E / 22.99306°N 113.33000°E / 22.99306; 113.33000