Haunted State

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Haunted State
Directed byMichael Brown
Produced byMichael Brown
David Williams
Angela Olson (TOS)
Jessica Freeburg (WFHS)
StarringMichael Brown
Chelsy Stine
Hungry Lion Productions
Distributed byHungry Lion Productions
Release date
CountryUnited States

Haunted State is an American documentary film series created by Michael Brown that began with the 2014 film, Haunted State: Whispers From History Past produced and distributed by Hungry Lion Productions.[1][2][3] Executive produced & directed by Michael Brown. The original film was followed up by the second film, Haunted State: Theatre of Shadows in 2017.[4]

The Haunted State film series title comes from the claim Robert E. Gard (the founder of the Wisconsin Idea Theatre) made that "Wisconsin has the most ghosts per square mile. It is the most Haunted State".[5] The documentary films follow a team of Wisconsin residents that are looking for evidence if that is true.


Haunted State: Whispers From History Past (2014)[edit]

In Haunted State: Whispers From History Past, a paranormal investigation team of ordinary people travel to four historic Wisconsin locations to investigate the paranormal claims that tie into the history of the locations.

Haunted State: Theatre of Shadows (2017)[edit]

In Haunted State: Theatre of Shadows, the team investigates historic theaters across Wisconsin. The history of the theaters are revealed along with exposing the paranormal claims taking place.


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