Haush language

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EthnicityHaush people
Extinctpeople extinct ca. 1920
  • Chon proper
    • Island Chon
      • Haush
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)

The Haush language (also Manek'enk) was an indigenous language spoken by the Haush people and was formerly spoken on the island of Tierra del Fuego.[2] The Haush were considered the oldest inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego; they inhabited the far eastern tip of the Mitre Peninsula on the island. They made regular hunting trips to Isla de los Estados.

Before 1850, an estimated 300 people spoke Haush.[3] The last speaker of Haush died around 1920 and the language is considered extinct.[4]

Haush is considered to be related to the Selknam, Gününa Yajich, Teushen, and Tehuelche languages, which collectively belong to the Chonan language family.[5]

P'all is a Haush word that means "(to be) black."[6]

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