Hendrick Aupaumut

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Hendrick Aupaumut (1757-1830) was a Mahican historian and diplomat, born among the Stockbridge Indians in Massachusetts, who were originally from the Hudson River Valley. He was a soldier at the time of the American Revolutionary War, in which he served on the American side as a captain of Mahican warriors. He wrote a history of the Mahican people, and defended them to President Thomas Jefferson in a letter. He worked with the United States in its exchanges with tribes further west, hoping to negotiate peace, but was, ultimately, unsuccessful, because of powerful settler interests. With the other Stockbridge Indians, he moved westward to avoid increasing settler violence, until they relocated to their present reservation of Stockbridge-Munsee Community in Wisconsin. His notable works include a History of the Mahican people, and a narrative of his diplomatic attempts in his embassy to the Western Indians.

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