Henri François Marie Charpentier

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Henri François Marie Charpentier
Comte général Henri François Marie Charpentier (1769-1831).jpg
Henri François Marie Charpentier
Born23 June 1769 (1769-06-23)
Soissons, Aisne, France
Died14 October 1831 (1831-10-15) (aged 62)
Villers-Cotterêts, Aisne, France
AllegianceFrance France
Service/branchStaff, Infantry
Years of service1792–1815
RankGeneral of Division
AwardsLégion d'Honneur, CC 1804
Order of Saint Louis, 1814
Other workCount of the Empire, 1810

Henri François Marie Charpentier (23 June 1769 – 14 October 1831) became a French chief of staff during the French Revolutionary Wars and a division commander during the Napoleonic Wars. In 1791 he joined a volunteer battalion and later became a staff officer. He served as Jacques Desjardin's chief of staff when that general served as commander of the right wing of the Army of the North during the battles of Grandreng, Erquelinnes and Gosselies in 1794. Next year he was Jacques Maurice Hatry's chief of staff during the Siege of Luxembourg. He was promoted to general of brigade and fought at the Trebbia and Novi in 1799 and fought at Montebello and Marengo in 1800. Napoleon appointed him general of division in 1804.

In 1806 Charpentier became chief of staff to Eugène de Beauharnais in Italy but later fought at Burgos in Spain in 1808. Serving under Eugène again, in 1809 he was present at Sacile, Caldiero, the Piave, Tarvis, Raab and Wagram. During the 1812 French invasion of Russia, he fought at Smolensk. In 1813 he led an infantry division in the XI Corps at Lützen, Bautzen, Katzbach, Leipzig, Hanau and Arnhem. In 1814 he led a Young Guard division at Craonne, Laon, Fère-Champenoise and Paris. His surname is one of the names inscribed under the Arc de Triomphe, on Column 26.


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