Homeland (political alliance)

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Leader Admir Čavka
Founded 2014
Headquarters Sarajevo
Ideology Bosniak nationalism
Croatian nationalism
Minority politics
Colours None official
National Assembly of Republika Srpska
5 / 83

Homeland (Serbo-Croatian: Domovina) is an electoral alliance in Republika Srpska, forming a joint parliamentary group in the National Assembly.

The alliance was formed to contest the elections in Republika Srpska, and consists of the Democratic Front, the Union for a Better Future of BiH, the Party of Democratic Action, the Party for Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Croatian Party of Rights, the Diaspora Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Posavina Party.[1]

In the elections the alliance received 5.3% of the vote, winning five seats in the National Assembly.[2]

Member parties[edit]

Name Abbr. Leader Position Ideology Assembly seats
Party of Democratic Action
Stranka demokratske akcije
SDA Bakir Izetbegović Centre-right Bosniak nationalism
3 / 83
Union for a Better Future
Savez za bolju budućnost
SBB Fahrudin Radončić Centre-right Conservatism
1 / 83
Croatian Party of Rights
Hrvatska stranka prava
HSP Stanko Primorac Far-right Croatian nationalism
1 / 83
Democratic Front
Demokratska fronta
DF Željko Komšić Centre-left Social democracy
Party for Bosnia and Herzegovina
Stranka za Bosnu i Hercegovinu
SzBiH Amer Jerlagić Right-wing Bosniak nationalism


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