Hong River (Huai River)

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Hong River
Hongru River, Ru River
Map showing the Hong River and Huai River
Native name洪河
StateHenan, Anhui
RegionNorthern China and Eastern China
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationNear Wugang, Henan province, China
MouthHuai River
 ⁃ location
Near Funan County, Anhui Province, China
 ⁃ coordinates
32°24′36″N 115°32′52″E / 32.4099°N 115.5477°E / 32.4099; 115.5477Coordinates: 32°24′36″N 115°32′52″E / 32.4099°N 115.5477°E / 32.4099; 115.5477
Length202.56 mi (325.99 km), Northwest-Southeast
Basin features
River systemHuai River watershed

Hong River is a major tributary river of Huai River system. Its source is on the western slope of Dengtaijia Peak near the border between the city of Wugang and Biyang County of Henan province. If flows for about 326 kilometers before meeting the Huai River near the provincial border between Henan and Anhui provinces. The lower section of Hong River is also called Hongru River (洪汝河), as it follows the lower course of a historical Ru River (汝水) that was artificially redirected during Yuan and Ming dynasties. Suya Lake on Hong River is the largest reservoir on the plain in China.