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Hugh Robot
Hugh Robot.jpg
3D image of Hugh as originally created by William Sachiti, 2016
ManufacturerAcademy of Robotics
Year of creation2016
Typeservice robot
Purposerobot librarian
Hugh prototype

Hugh is an artificial intelligence robot librarian designed and built by William Sachiti and Ariel Ladegaard [1] at Aberystwyth University. Funded by Academy of Robotics in the UK, the robot was first introduced in February 2016.[2] Hugh stands 1.4 metres tall and weighs 60 pounds, its core function is to help users by locating and navigating them to desired books in the library.[3][4][5][6][7]


Hugh runs the linux based Robot Operating System (ROS) with a combination of modules built on top combining voice search through Google APIs, and navigation. The robot uses a mini lidar for location and prebuilt maps of library layouts. API from Ex Libris Group gives the robot a catalogue of up to several million books which it can locate and navigate a user to. The screen doubling up as a touch-screen, allows Hugh to express himself through several facial expressions and display results.[8][9][10]


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