Hunt Mountain

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Hunt Mountain (82°05′00″S 159°16′00″E / 82.08333°S 159.26667°E / -82.08333; 159.26667Coordinates: 82°05′00″S 159°16′00″E / 82.08333°S 159.26667°E / -82.08333; 159.26667) is a mountain, 3,240 metres (10,630 ft) high, which stands in the northern part of the Holyoake Range and is its highest point. Mapped by the southern party of the New Zealand Geological Survey Antarctic Expedition (1960-61) and named for Captain P.J. Hunt, RE, leader of the party.


 This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Geological Survey document: "Hunt Mountain". (content from the Geographic Names Information System)