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Hymatic, also known as Hymatic Engineering, are a British manufacturer of heat exchangers, fluid control technology[1] and cryogenic systems[2] as part of an aircraft's environmental control system (ECS), headquartered in Worcestershire.


The company was founded on 27 September 1937.[3][4]

It began making air compressors (pneumatics),[5] anti-g valves,[6] pressure reducing valves, stop valves and fuel system relief valves.[7][8] Most well-known British aircraft in the 1950s and 1960s contained their valves and pneumatic equipment.

It developed the fuel system for Concorde.[9][10] Concorde carried around 22,000 gallons of fuel. Concorde's fuel system had to overcome boiling of fuel at high altitudes.[11]

In 2002, the company had a turnover of £21.7m.


It has worked with the Cryogenic Engineering Group[12] at the University of Oxford, in making linear compressors.


The company was bought from 3i in February 2004, with the case referred to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).[13]


It is situated on the Moon's Moat Industrial Estate in Redditch. The company is registered with the British Cryogenics Council.[14]



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