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The International Panel of ICC Development Umpires. is a panel of international cricket umpires chosen by the International Cricket Council (ICC). Established in 2005, its members are drawn primarily (though not exclusively) from the organisation's associate and affiliate members (rather than its full members). It stands alongside, and is intended to offer a career path into, the Elite Panel of ICC Umpires. Umpires on the panel are not restricted to matches between associate and affiliate teams, and have officiated at One Day International (ODI) and Twenty20 International level.[1][2]

This panel also includes 12 woman officials. They are Lauren Agenbag, Kim Cotton, Shivani Mishra, Claire Polosak, Sue Redfern, Eloise Sheridan, Mary Waldron, Jacqueline Williams, Janani Narayanan and Vrinda Rathi.[3]

Current Panel[edit]

The panel was updated on March 23, 2020, and has a current membership of 53.[4]

International Panel of ICC Development Umpires
Umpire Country Region
Ravi Angara  Botswana Africa
David Odhiambo  Kenya Africa
Isaac Oyieko  Kenya Africa
Rockie D'Mello  Kenya Africa
Claude Henry  Namibia Africa
Andrew Louw  Namibia Africa
Francis Trevor Samura  Sierra Leone Africa
Lauren Agenbag  South Africa Africa
Makumbi Patrick Musoke  Uganda Africa
Emmerson Carrington  Bermuda Americas
Arnold Maddela  Canada Americas
Harry Grewal  Canada Americas
Jermaine Lindo  United States Americas
Sameer Bandekar  United States Americas
Vijaya Prakash Mallela  United States Americas
Jacqueline Williams  Jamaica Americas
Tabarak Dar  Hong Kong Asia
Ian Thomson  Hong Kong Asia
Janani Narayanan  India Asia
Vrinda Rathi  India Asia
Viswanadan Kalidas  Malaysia Asia
Buddhi Pradhan    Nepal Asia
Durga Nath Subedi    Nepal Asia
Vinay Kumar Jha    Nepal Asia
Parameswaran Pillai Harikrishnan  Oman Asia
Vinod Babu  Oman Asia
Rahul Asher  Oman Asia
Shivani Mishra  Qatar Asia
Sarika Prasad  Singapore Asia
Ashwani Kumar Rana  Thailand Asia
Akbar Ali  United Arab Emirates Asia
Iftikhar Ali  United Arab Emirates Asia
Shiju Sam  United Arab Emirates Asia
Claire Polosak  Australia East Asia-Pacific
Eloise Sheridan  Australia East Asia-Pacific
Suresh Subramanian  Indonesia East Asia-Pacific
Kim Cotton  New Zealand East Asia-Pacific
Alu Kapa  Papua New Guinea East Asia-Pacific
Bri Olewale  Papua New Guinea East Asia-Pacific
Lakani Oala  Papua New Guinea East Asia-Pacific
Jesper Jensen  Denmark Europe
Sue Redfern  England Europe
Mark Jameson  Germany Europe
Mary Waldron  Ireland Europe
Rakbir Hassan  Italy Europe
Heath Kearns  Jersey Europe
Adriaan van der Dries  Netherlands Europe
Huub Jansen  Netherlands Europe
Pim van Liemt  Netherlands Europe
Rizwan Akram  Netherlands Europe
Alex Dowdalls  Scotland Europe
Allan Haggo  Scotland Europe
David McLean  Scotland Europe

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