I Love Belarus

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Belarus "I Love Belarus"
Eurovision Song Contest 2011 entry
Finals performance
Semi-final result
Semi-final points
Entry chronology
◄ "Butterflies" (2010)   
"We Are the Heroes" (2012) ►

"I Love Belarus" is a retro-pop song performed by Anastasia Vinnikova who was selected to represent Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany. The song was presented to the public on 14 March 2011.[1]

Originally, the song picked was "I Am Belarusian" performed by Anastasia Vinnikova as well. But the song had to be withdrawn after it was discovered that it was sung in public in the summer of 2010.[1] The song was performed live in the 16th position of performance order at the second semifinal on 12 May, succeeding Estonia's "Rockefeller Street" which was performed by Getter Jaani, and preceded Latvia's "Angel in Disguise" which was performed by Musiqq, but failed to qualify for the grand final finishing in 14th place receiving 45 points overall.


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