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The Idaho Republican Party (IDGOP) is the Idaho state affiliate of the United States Republican Party, headquartered in Boise.

Idaho Republican Party
ChairpersonTom Luna
Senate leaderBrent Hill
House leaderScott Bedke
Headquarters101 South Capitol Blvd. Suite 302, Boise, Idaho 83702
Fiscal conservatism
Social conservatism
Political positionRight-wing
National affiliationRepublican Party
Colors  Red
Seats in the Upper House
28 / 35
Seats in the Lower House
58 / 70


By the time of the 1889 Constitutional Convention, the Republican Party had become a prominent Party in Idaho, and made up the majority of the representatives at the Constitutional Convention for statehood. Republicans and Democrats had equal influence in Idaho until the 1960s when the Republican Party emerged as the dominant political Party.[2] The Republican Party has held the governorship since 1995, both US Senate seats since 1981, and both US House seats since 2010.

As of 2017, Idaho has the second largest percentage of Republicans in a state legislature. Republicans control all constitutional offices in the state and maintain supermajorities in the House and Senate.

Governing body[edit]

  • State Central Committee: The governing body of the Idaho Republican Party is the Republican State Central Committee, which is made up of elected members from each legislative district and county. It establishes the rules and functions of the Idaho Republican Party on the state level.[3]
  • Chairman and Executive Committee: The current chairman of the Idaho Republican Party is Tom Luna. Luna was elected in June 2020.[4] The current executive director is Amos Rothstein.[5][6] The Executive Committee consists of a first and second vice chair, secretary, treasurer, finance chair, region chairs from each of Idaho's seven regions, and the presidents of the affiliated clubs; Young Republicans, College Republicans, and Republican Women. Members of the Executive Committee who are not Region Chairs are elected at the State Convention, held bi-annually.[3]
Executive Committee Members[7]
Voting Members
Chairman Tom Luna
1st Vice Chair Machele Hamilton
2nd Vice Chair Mike Matthews
National Committeeman Damond Watkins
National Committeewoman Cindy Siddoway
Secretary Marla Lawson
Treasurer Stephen Parrott
Region 1 Bjorn Handeen
Region 2 Clinton Daniel
Region 3 Viki Purdy
Region 4 Edward Humphreys
Region 5 Wayne Hurst
Region 6 Terrel "Ned" Tovey
Region 7 Ann Rydalch
Financial Chair Doug Taylor[7]
Young Republicans Chair Adam Strong[8]
IFRW President Janalee Woolf[7]
College Republicans Chair Garrett Peterson[9]


Meetings of both the State Central Committee and the State Executive Committee are usually held every six months, including those held in proximity to State Conventions.[10]


Regions of the IDGOP are groups of Idaho Counties defined by Article III, Section 1 of the State Rules.[11]

Region Counties
Region 1 Boundary, Bonner, Kootenai, Benewah, Shoshone
Region 2 Latah, Nez Perce, Lewis, Clearwater, Idaho
Region 3 Valley, Adams, Washington, Payette, Canyon, Gem, Elmore, Owyhee, Boise
Region 4 Ada
Region 5 Gooding, Jerome, Minidoka, Lincoln, Cassia, Twin Falls, Camas, Blaine
Region 6 Bannock, Power, Oneida, Caribou, Bear Lake, Bingham, Franklin
Region 7 Bonneville, Butte, Madison, Jefferson, Fremont, Clark, Custer, Lemhi, Teton

Current Republican officeholders[edit]

Statewide offices[edit]

Members of Congress[edit]

U.S. Senate[edit]

U.S. House of Representatives[edit]

State legislators[edit]

Idaho Senate[edit]

Republicans currently hold 28 out of 35 seats in the Idaho Senate.

Legislative District Senator County
LD-1 Shawn Keough Boundary/Bonner
LD-2 Steve Vick Kootenai
LD-3 Bob Nonini Kootenai
LD-4 Mary Souza Kootenai
LD-5 Dan Foreman Benewah/Latah
LD-6 Dan G. Johnson Lewis/Nez Perce
LD-7 Carl Crabtree Idaho/Clearwater/Shoshone/Bonner
LD-8 Steven Thayn Valley/Gem/Boise/Custer/Lemhi
LD-9 Abby Lee Adams/Washington/Payette/Canyon
LD-10 Jim Rice Canyon
LD-11 Patti Anne Lodge Canyon
LD-12 Todd Lakey Canyon
LD-13 Jeff Agenbroad Canyon
LD-14 Marv Hagedorn Ada
LD-15 Fred Martin Ada
LD-20 Chuck Winder Ada
LD-21 Regina Bayer Ada
LD-22 Lori Den Hartog Ada
LD-23 Bert Brackett Elmore/Owyhee/Twin Falls
LD-24 Lee Heider Twin Falls
LD-25 Jim Patrick Twin Falls/Jerome
LD-27 Kelly Anthon Minidoka/Cassia
LD-28 Jim Guthrie Power/Bannock
LD-30 Dean Mortimer Bonneville
LD-31 Steve Bair Bingham
LD-32 Mark Harris Bear Lake/Caribou/Franklin/Oneida/Bonneville/Teton
LD-33 Dave Lent Bonneville
LD-34 Brent Hill Madison/Bonneville
LD-35 Jeff Siddoway Butte/Jefferson/Fremont/Clark

Idaho House of Representatives[edit]

Republicans currently hold 56 out of 70 seats in the Idaho House of Representatives.

Legislative District Representative County
LD-1 Heather Scott Boundary/Bonner
LD-1 Sage Dixon Boundary/Bonner
LD-2 Vito Barbieri Kootenai
LD-2 Eric Redman Kootenai
LD-3 Don Cheatham Kootenai
LD-3 Ron Mendive Kootenai
LD-4 Paul Amador Kootenai
LD-4 Luke Malek Kootenai
LD-5 Caroline Nilsson Troy Benewah/Latah
LD-6 Thyra Stevenson Lewis/Nez Perce
LD-6 Mike Kingsley Lewis/Nez Perce
LD-7 Priscilla Giddings Idaho/Clearwater/Shoshone/Bonner
LD-7 Paul Shepherd Idaho/Clearwater/Shoshone/Bonner
LD-8 Dorothy Moon Vally/Gem/Boise/Custer/Lemhi
LD-8 Terry Gestrin Vally/Gem/Boise/Custer/Lemhi
LD-9 Judy Boyle Adams/Washington/Payette/Canyon
LD-9 Ryan Kerby Adams/Washington/Payette/Canyon
LD-10 Gregory Chaney Canyon
LD-10 Jarom Wagoner Canyon
LD-11 Scott Syme Canyon
LD-11 Tammy Nichols Canyon
LD-12 Robert Anderst Canyon
LD-12 Rick Youngblood Canyon
LD-13 Gary Collins Canyon
LD-13 Brent Crane Canyon
LD-14 Gayann DeMordaunt Ada
LD-14 Mike Moyle Ada
LD-15 Lynn Luker Ada
LD-15 Patrick McDonald Ada
LD-20 James Holtzclaw Ada
LD-20 Joe Palmer Ada
LD-21 Megan Kiska Ada
LD-21 Steven Harris Ada
LD-22 Jason Monks Ada
LD-22 John Vander Woude Ada
LD-23 Megan Blanksma Elmore/Owyhee/Twin Falls
LD-23 Christy Zito Elmore/Owyhee/Twin Falls
LD-24 Lance Clow Twin Falls
LD-24 Stephen Hartgen Twin Falls
LD-25 Maxine Bell Twin Falls/Jerome
LD-25 Clark Kauffman Twin Falls/Jerome
LD-26 Steve Miller Blaine/Camas/Gooding/Lincoln
LD-27 Fred Wood Minidoka/Cassia
LD-27 Scott Bedke Minidoka/Cassia
LD-28 Randy Armstrong Power/Bannock
LD-28 Kelley Packer Power/Bannock
LD-29 Dustin Manwaring Bannock
LD-30 Jeff Thompson Bonneville
LD-30 Wendy Horman Bonneville
LD-31 Neil Anderson Bingham
LD-31 Julie VanOrden Bingham
LD-32 Marc Gibbs Bear Lake/Caribou/Franklin/Oneida/Bonneville/Teton
LD-32 Chad Christensen Bear Lake/Caribou/Franklin/Oneida/Bonneville/Teton
LD-33 Barbara Ehardt Bonneville
LD-33 Bryan Zollinger Bonneville
LD-34 Ronald Nate Madison/Bonneville
LD-34 Dell Raybould Madison/Bonneville
LD-35 Van T. Burtenshaw Butte/Jefferson/Fremont/Clark
LD-35 Karen Hanks Butte/Jefferson/Fremont/Clark

Legislative leadership[edit]

Chairs of IDGOP[edit]

Chairman Term
Tom Luna June 2020-
Raúl Labrador June 2019-June 2020
Jennifer Locke (acting) February 2019-June 2019
Jonathan Parker June 2017–February 2019
Stephen Yates August 2014–June 2017
Vacant June 2014–August 2014
Barry Peterson June 2012–June 2014
Norm Semanko June 2008–June 2012
J. Kirk Sullivan June 2004–June 2008
John Sandy 2002–June 2004
Trent Clark 1998–2002
Ron McMurray 1994–1998
N. Randy Smith 1993–1994
Phil Batt 1991–1993
Randy Ayre 1989–1991
Blake Hall 1985–1989
Dennis Olsen 1976–1985
Vern Ravenscroft 1975–1976
Robert "Bob" Linville 1974-1975
Marge Miner 1972-1974
Roland Wilber 1968-1972
John O. McMurray June 1961 – 1968
Ray Robbins 1958- June 1961
Wallace C. Burns 1955-1958
William S. Campbell 1952-1955
Milton L. Horsley 1950-1952
Ezra B. Hinshaw 1948-1950
T.W. "Tom" Smith 1946-1948
S.L. "Vern" Thorpe 1944-1946
Reilly Atkinson Sr 1942-1944
Thomas "Tom" Heath[12][13][14] 1938–1942
C. A. Bottolfsen 1936–1938
R.P. Perry 1931-1936
R. B. Scatterday 1930-1931
John McMurray 1924-1930
I. H. Nash 1922-1924
John Thomas 1918-1922
S.D. Taylor 1918-1918
Evan Evans July 1915[15]-1918
George A. Day September 1912[16]- July 1915[17]
C.L. Heitman September 1910[18]- September 1912[19]
B.F. O'Neil September 1908[20]- September 1910[21]
James H. Brady August 1904[22]– September 1908[20]
Frank R. Gooding 1900- August 1904[22]
George H. Stewart August 1896[23]
J.H. Richards August 1894-?
Edgar Wilson May 1892[24][25]- August 1894
William Borah February 1892-May 1892
Joe Pinkham August 1890[26]-February 1892[27]
James H. Beatty September 1888[28]-?
I.W. Garrett ?- September 1888[28]


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