Ikhwan raid on Busayya

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Ikhwan raid on Busayya
Part of Ikhwan Revolt
Date5 November 1927

Ikhwan destroyed a police-post near Busayya

Beginning of the Ikhwan rebellion[1]
Ikhwan (Mutair tribe) Iraq Iraqi Police force
Commanders and leaders
Faisal al-Dawish
Casualties and losses
20 killed

The Ikhwan raid on Busayya in Iraq occurred on November 5, 1927.[1] Elements of the Ikhwan, mainly consisting of the Mutair tribe under al-Dawish, raided southern Iraq, clashing with Iraqi troops near Busayya, resulting in some 20 casualties on both sides. This attack later became known as the beginning of the Ikhwan rebellion.[1]


Ikhwan tribesmen also raided Kuwait in January 1928. On both occasions (raids on Iraq and Kuwait) they looted camels and sheep, and though they raided brutally, they suffered heavy retaliations from the Royal Air Force and Kuwaitis.[2]

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