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The Imperial House of France during the First French Empire consisted of the family members of Napoleon, including the House of Bonaparte, who held imperial titles as Emperor, Empress, Imperial Prince or French Prince, and who were in the order of succession to the French imperial throne in accordance with the French constitution of 1804. According to Title III, Article 9 ("The Imperial Family"), "the members of the imperial family in the order of succession, bear the title of Princes of France (princes français)" and "the eldest son of the Emperor bears the title Prince Imperial (prince impérial)."

The non-Bonapartes who were members of the imperial family were Napoleon's uncle, brother-in-law and stepson of the families Fesch, Murat and Beauharnais. This article lists their titles of the First French Empire; several held other titles in vassal states.


Arms Picture Name with style and titles
Imperial Coat of Arms of France (1804-1815).svg Jacques-Louis David - The Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Tuileries - Google Art Project.jpg His Imperial Majesty Napoleon, Emperor of the French

(Full title as of 1809–1814: His Imperial and Royal Majesty Napoleon I, By the Grace of God and the Constitutions of the Republic, Emperor of the French, King of Italy, Protector of the Confederation of the Rhine, Mediator of the Helvetic Confederation)

(House of Bonaparte)
Blason Imperatrice Josephine.svg Josephine de Beauharnais, Keizerin der Fransen.jpg Her Imperial Majesty Joséphine, Empress of the French, Napoleon's first wife

(After her 1810 divorce from Napoleon: Her Imperial Highness Empress Joséphine, Duchess of Navarre)

(House of Bonaparte, by birth Tascher de la Pagerie)
Blason Impératrice Marie-Louise.svg Jean-Baptiste Isabey 003.jpg Her Imperial Majesty Marie Louise, Empress of the French, Napoleon's second wife

(House of Bonaparte, by birth House of Habsburg-Lorraine)
Blason Roi de Rome.svg 80 Napoleon II.jpg His Imperial Highness Napoleon, the Imperial Prince, the King of Rome, Napoleon's son

(House of Bonaparte)
Grandes armes du Royaume de Naples2.svg Joseph Bonaparte (by Wicar).jpg His Imperial Highness Joseph Bonaparte, Prince of France, Napoleon's brother

(House of Bonaparte)
Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Holland (1808).svg LouisBonaparte Holland.jpg His Imperial Highness Louis Bonaparte, Prince of France, Napoleon's brother

(House of Bonaparte)
Blason Joachim Murat Grand-Duc de Clèves et de Berg (Orn ext).svg Murat2.jpg His Imperial Highness Joachim Murat, Prince of France, Napoleon's brother-in-law

(House of Murat)
Grand coat of arms of Eugène de Beauharnais.svg EugeneBeau.jpg His Imperial Highness Eugène de Beauharnais, Prince of France, Napoleon's stepson

(House of Beauharnais)
Marie Guilhelmine Benoist 001.jpg Her Imperial Highness Elisa Bonaparte, Princess of France, Napoleon's sister

(House of Bonaparte)
Grandes Armes Jérôme Bonaparte (1784-1860) 2.svg King Jerome Bonaparte.jpg His Imperial Highness Jérôme Bonaparte, Prince of France, Napoleon's brother

(House of Bonaparte)
Blason Joseph Fesch.svg Maglioli - Le cardinal Fesch.jpg His Serene Highness Joseph Fesch, Prince of France, Napoleon's maternal uncle

(House of Fesch)
Coat of Arms of Lucien Bonaparte during the Hundred Days.svg Fabre - Lucien Bonaparte.jpg His Imperial Highness Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of France, Napoleon's brother

(House of Bonaparte)


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Imperial House of France
Title last held by
House of Bourbon
Ruled as King of France
Ruling House of the French Empire
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House of Bourbon
Ruled as King of France