Independent Green Voice

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Independent Green Voice
LeaderAlistair McConnachie
HeadquartersClyde Offices, 2nd Floor
48 West George St
G2 1BP[1]
IdeologyGreen politics

Independent Green Voice is a minor environmentalist political party in Scotland. First registered with the Electoral Commission in 2003, it is led by Alistair McConnachie.

It opposes debt slavery and calls for the establishment of a not-for-profit "Public Investment Bank" to replace the "debt-based money system".[2] The party is also opposed to Public Private Partnerships, and would restore the link between pensions and average earnings.

In the 2003 Scottish Parliament election, McConnachie stood in Glasgow Kelvin and received 1,300 votes (5.9%). In the 2005 UK general election, he stood in Glasgow South West, and received 379 votes (1.2%).

McConnachie is also the party's treasurer and nominating officer.[3] Prior to establishing the party, he was the Scottish organiser for the United Kingdom Independence Party but his membership was not renewed in the summer of 2001 amid allegations that he was a holocaust denier.[4] McConnachie responded to these allegations at the time of the 2007 Scottish Parliamentary election[5] when the party stood in the Glasgow region and received 496 votes (0.2%).


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