Independent Party of Delaware

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Independent Party of Delaware
ChairpersonDon Ayotte
SecretaryGlenn Miller
FoundedAugust 29, 2000; 19 years ago (2000-08-29)
HeadquartersGeorgetown, Delaware
Membership (August 1, 2017)5,696[1]
IdeologyFiscal conservatism Laissez-faire
Seats in the Senate
0 / 2
State Upper House Seats
0 / 21
State Lower House Seats
0 / 41
0 / 59

The Independent Party of Delaware (IPoD) is a political party in the State of Delaware, United States.[2][3] As of March 2016, it is the third largest political party in Delaware with 5,696 registered voters.[4] The party supports laissez-faire capitalism, limited government, and environmentalism. It was officially formed on August 29, 2000 for the stated purpose of provide Delaware voters with an alternative to the Republican and Democratic parties. The party works to support independent candidates for public office by providing them with ballot access, distributing information to voters, and encouraging participation in candidate debates.


The Independent Party of Delaware was founded on August 29, 2000 by Floyd McDowell and Frank Sims. In 2000, the party ran Floyd McDowell Sr. for governor and he received 3,271 votes, or 1.1% of the total vote[5] [1]. In 2002 Maurice Barros, running for U.S. Senate, received 996 votes, for 0.4% of the total vote. In 2004, the party, along with the Libertarian Party, nominated Frank Infante for governor. Infante received 10,753 votes on the Independent Party line (2.9% of vote), and 1,450 votes (0.4%) on the Libertarian Party ballot line. In 2006, Karen M. Hartley-Nagle, running for Delaware's Senate seat, received 5,769 votes for 2.2% of the total vote. In 2004, the party gave its ballot line to the independent presidential campaign of Ralph Nader; he received 2,152 votes for 0.6% of the total vote in Delaware [2] In 2008, the party again gave its ballot line to the independent presidential campaign of Ralph Nader; he received 2,401 votes.In 2012, the party ran Alex Pires for the US Senate. He received 15,300 votes, or 3.83%. The party also ran 4 candidates for the state legislature. One candidate for State Senate, running in a district with no major party opposition, received 20.1% of the vote. In 2014, the party ran David Graham for attorney general of Delaware against Matthew P. Denn, Ted Kittila, Catherine Damavandi and John Machurek and he received 4,879 for 2.12% of the vote[6]. In 2016, the party endorsed Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump for President.[7]

Gubernatorial Election Results[edit]

2000 Floyd Mcdowell Sr. 3,271 1.1%[8]
2004 Frank Infante 12,203 2.9%[9]

Senate Election Results[edit]

2002 Maurice Barros 996 0.43%[10]
2006 Karen M. Hartley-Nagle 5,769 2.2%[11]
2010 Glenn Miller 8,201 2.67%[12]
2012 Alex Pires 15,300 3.83%[13]

Attorney General Election Results[edit]

2010 Doug Campbell 54,503 21.1%[14]
2014 David Graham 4,879 2.12%[15]


The preamble outlines the party's goals: "The Independent Party of Delaware is dedicated to reform of government at all levels in the Greater Public Interest through election of independent alternative candidates"[16]

Political positions[edit]

The Independent Party of Delaware supports laissez-faire capitalism, limited government and Environmentalism.

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