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Independiente F.C.
Full nameIndependiente Futbol Club
Nickname(s)Los Fantasmas del Jiboa, Camoteros,aurinegros,
GroundEstadio Jiboa,
Ciudad de San Vicente,
El Salvador
ChairmanEl Salvador Giovani Villalobos
ManagerEl Salvador Omar Sevilla
LeaguePrimera División El Salvador
Clausura 20199º (as C.D. Audaz)

Independiente Futbol Club is an Salvadoran professional football club based in San Vicente, San Vicente, El Salvador. They currently play in the Primera División El Salvador , the top tier of El Salvador football. The club was formed in 1946 and has played at its home ground, Estadio Jiboa, since TBD.


Early history, golden era and decline[edit]

The team was founded in 1946 with the union of the 4 most representative teams of San Vicente, calling itself C.D. UDAL, a year later Independiente Futbol Clube was born. They were one of the first clubs to participate in the first professional division. They participated in the first division from 1948 to 1959 before being relegated for the first time in their history. The participated in the Segunda division until 1977, where they purchased the first division spot of ANTEL. It was during this spell did the club hit their golden period as they had several renowned players including Jesus Gonzales, Carlos “Carlanga” Rivera , Joaquín Valencia, Ricardo “la Tuca” Gómez, Jesús González Barillas, Efrain Yin Gonzalez Óscar "Lotario" Guerrero, Jose Maria Rivas, Ramón Maradiaga and Jorge González. The club reached the final twice in 1981 and 1982, sadly the clubs lost the final to C.D. FAS and Atletico Marte respectively. Following these highs the club lost their top players and just two years later in 1984 were relegated to Segunda Division.

The club struggled financially and spent the next two decades moving between Segunda division, Tercera division and Semi Professional league. During this time between 1999-2001 they were known as Club Deportivo Real Independiente.

Merger, return to the primera division and decline[edit]

In 2006, the owners of Coca/Cola later renamed Nacional 1906 approached Independiente FC, the board voted on merging the club forming Independiente Nacional 1906, this was the shot in the arm the club needed as they won promotion to Primera division, however the poor results led the team to the decline in the 2007 Clausura.


After the relegation to Segunda Division they could not register in the new season in the 2007 Apertura for not fulfilling their financial obligations and the table went idle for several seasons, to the point of considering that the team had ceased to exist professionally, was until 2015 when they resume their activity when they register to compete in the Apertura Tournament of that year by purchasing a franchise in the Tercera Division, this because they lost the right to be in the Segunda Division after the long time elapsed after his descent from the Primera Division and his return to sports.

After a year in the Tercera Division , in January 2016, they decided to buy an invitation category and returned to Segunda Division, where they would reach the tournament of the Apertura Tournament that year when they defeated Turin F.C. getting half a ticket to the Major League, would return to final instances in the 2017 Clausura, but would fall with Audaz both in the final series of the tournament, and in the first defining party[1]

In 2019, for the start of the Tournament 2019 Clausura it is announced that the club's leadership acquires the team's franchise Audaz,[2] which due to economic problems and debts can not continue to hold in the first division, although for reasons of logistics handling in the tournament with the name and distinctive of the apastepecano club[3]


  • Estadio Jiboa, San Vincente (1970-)
    • Estadio Sergio Torres Riviera, Usultan (2020-)
Estadio Jiboasv.jpg

Located in the center of the city of San Vicente, it is the largest stadium in the department with the remodeling that the INDES did, the athletic track was paved and illuminated, its initial capacity was 1500 people now reaching 8000 spectators Among the repairs that were made can be mentioned: dressing room remodeling, stands repair, construction of six-lane asphalt running track, construction of sanitary services (men and women), improvement of the rainwater hydraulic system, a prefabricated perimeter wall, to provide greater security to users and fans who arrive at the stadium, which has a capacity for 8 thousand people, and general paint. Also, towers with luminaire panels were installed, which will allow that from now on, first, second and third division meetings can be developed; as well as amateur teams; and the Vincentian population can practice their physical activities at night

Lbs barra inde.jpg

Formerly known as "Estadio Vicentino", this venue was considered difficult for the visiting teams in championships of both Second and First Division of the Central American country, the same being occupied until 2007 when the club National Independent 1906 of the Major League descended subsequently disappearing, being again retaken by the redundant team Independent F.C. (San Vicente) which had taken it as headquarters in some parties in Third Division as it maintained its headquarters as a local in the `` Jiboa Sugar Mill Court .

It hosts two teams of the Primera Division, of 'El Vencedor Sports Club' alternate for not having their own stadium and the home of 'Independiente Fútbol Club '

Independiente FC has two bar cores the `` 'Yellow Faithful' and `` 'The ghost bar of the jiboa' , formerly LBDS, these are what encourage the team from start to finish, the ' Faithful Yellow 'has lost a bit of prominence in recent years, they have probably merged.

They gave a spectacular tribute in the 19th minute to Erasmo Henriquez, a player who died a year earlier from an illness, this bar has also lost three of its members `` 'Manyula' was the leader, 'Chato' and the 'Pijuyo' were always present.

During stadium renovations in 2020, they played their matches in the Estadio Sergio Torres Rivera


Current squad[edit]

As of: Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK El Salvador SLV Isai Saravia
2 DF El Salvador SLV Lizandro Claros
5 El Salvador SLV Mario Alfaro
7 FW Dominican Republic DOM Gabriel Núñez
8 GK Argentina ARG Matías Coloca
9 FW El Salvador SLV Luis Canales
10 MF El Salvador SLV Santos Guzmán
11 FW Colombia COL Eduardo Rodriguez
12 MF Colombia COL Tardelis Peña (captain)
14 MF Nigeria NGA Fredrick Ogangan
No. Pos. Nation Player
15 El Salvador SLV Juan Jose Hernandez
16 DF El Salvador SLV Ever Flores
17 FW El Salvador SLV Jorge Umanzor
20 MF El Salvador SLV Daniel Luna
21 DF El Salvador SLV Carlos Anzora
22 El Salvador SLV Rafael Burgos
24 FW Trinidad and Tobago TRI Jomoul Francois
25 MF El Salvador SLV Denilson Rosales
26 MF El Salvador SLV Fernando Valladares
30 DF El Salvador SLV Carlos Montegurdo

Out on loan[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
El Salvador SLV TBD (to TBDy until May 2020)
El Salvador SLV TBD (to TBDy until May 2020)


Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
DF El Salvador SLV Francisco Valladares (From TBA)
DF El Salvador SLV Emmanuel Claros (From TBA)
DF El Salvador SLV Osvaldo Orellana (From TBA)
FW Trinidad and Tobago TRI Jomoul Francois (From La Horquetta Rangers)
No. Pos. Nation Player
MF El Salvador SLV Santos Guzmán (From Aguila)
GK Argentina ARG Matías Coloca (From FAS)
DF El Salvador SLV Mario Gonazález (From TBA)


[4] Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
FW El Salvador SLV Christian Rodríguez (To TBD)
FW Argentina ARG Luciano Sanhueza (To TBD)
MF El Salvador SLV William Canales (To TBA)
MF El Salvador SLV Héctor Carrillo (To TBA)
FW El Salvador SLV Marvin Morales (To TBD)
No. Pos. Nation Player
MF El Salvador SLV Aramis Acevedos (To TBA)
MF El Salvador SLV Mario Palacio (To TBA)
MF El Salvador SLV Edwin Benitez (To TBA)
MF El Salvador SLV Victor Durán (To TBA)

Management and support staff[edit]

Coaching staff[edit]

Position Staff
Manager El Salvador William Renderos Iraheta
Assistant Manager and Fitness Coach El Salvador TBD
Reserve Manager El Salvador Emerson Umana
Goalkeeper Coach El Salvador Jesus Alvarez
Under 17 Manager El Salvador TBD
Under 15 Manager El Salvador TBD
Team Doctor El Salvador Wilbert Pacas
Kinesiologist El Salvador Gerson Miranda
Utility El Salvador Jose Simon Palacios


Companies with which Independiente Fútbol Club has sponsorship agreements:

  • Official shirt sponsors - Acodjar de R.L. INJiboa, Rivera's Sports, Electrolit, Gym Maya
  • Official shirt manufacturer - PS Sports

Records and statistics[edit]

Club records[edit]

Individual records[edit]

  • Record appearances (all competitions): TBD, 822 from 1957 to 1975
  • Record appearances (Primera Division): Paraguayan Jorge Caceres, 64 from 2018 to 2019
  • Most capped player for El Salvador: 62 (0 whilst at Independiente), Magico Gonzalez
  • Most international caps for El Salvador while a Independiente player: 1, TBD
  • Most caps won whilst at Independiente: 1, TBD.
  • Record scorer in league: TBD, 16
  • Most goals in a season (all competitions): TBD, 62 (1927/28) (47 in League, 15 in Cup competitions)
  • Most goals in a season (Primera Division): Óscar Gustavo “Lotario” Guerrero, 19 (1982) [6]

Top goalscorers[edit]

No. Player period Goals
1 El Salvador Óscar Gustavo “Lotario” Guerrero 1978-1983 19*
2 Colombia Tardelis Peña 2019-Present 9
3 Colombia Alexander Obregón 2019 8
3 El Salvador Mágico González 1977 7
4 Colombia Camilo Gomez 2019 4
5 Argentina Luciano Sanhueza 2019 4
6 Nigeria Fredrick Ogangan 2020-Present 3
7 El Salvador Rafael Burgos 2019 2
8 El Salvador Jose Maria Rivas 1978–1984 tbd
10 El Salvador Fredy González Víchez 2019 6

Note: Players in bold text are still active with Independiente FC


Club Deportivo Real Independiente/ Independiente Nacional 1906


Domestic honours[edit]


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