Indians in Israel

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Indians in Israel
Total population
97,467 (1.09% of Total Population)
Regions with significant populations
Tel Aviv, Beersheva, Ramla
Malayalam • Marathi • Gujarati • Hebrew • Judeo-Malayalam • Judeo-Marathi • Indian Languages
Judaism, Hinduism and other Indian religions
Related ethnic groups
NRI and PIO, Indian Jews, Jews

There is a significant community of Indians in Israel doing white-collar jobs mainly working in the industrial sector; some have opened their own businesses. They are mostly members of mixed families, more specifically, Halachically non-Jewish members of Jewish households living in Israel. The Indian migrants work in sectors of the Israel economy such as construction, manufacturing and the service sector. The Indian migrant workers mainly come from places like Ernakulam, Mala, Parur, Chennamangalam and Cochin as well.[1] Around 85,000 Indians in Israel are Indian Jews.[2]

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