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Indonesian University of Education
Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Logo Almamater UPI.png
Former name
Teachers Education College (PTPG)
Teachers and Education Science Institute (IKIP)
MottoLeading and Outstanding
TypeState University
Established20 October 1954[1] as PTPG (Teachers Education College)
RectorProf. Dr. H. Asep Kadarohman, M.Si.
Students34.039 (2009)
Setiabudhi Street. 229th
, ,
6°51′48″S 107°35′39″E / 6.8634°S 107.5943°E / -6.8634; 107.5943Coordinates: 6°51′48″S 107°35′39″E / 6.8634°S 107.5943°E / -6.8634; 107.5943
615,766 m2
ColorsLight Steel Blue, Red
NicknameKampus Bumi Siliwangi
MascotVilla Isola

Indonesia University of Education (Indonesian: Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, UPI) was established in 1954 as Teachers Education College (PTPG). It is in Bandung, Indonesia.

Indonesia University of Education is a multi-campus university, with one main campus and several others. The main campus of is at Dr. Setiabudhi Street 229th, Bandung, Indonesia; other campuses are in Cibiru, Tasikmalaya, Sumedang, Purwakarta, and Serang.


Faculty of Education Science (FIP)[2][edit]

The Science of Education Faculty (SoEF/FIP) is led by Prof. Dr. Ahman, M.Pd (Dean). They have the following study programmes:

  • Education Curriculum and Technology
  • Educational Administration
  • Psychology of Guidance and Counselling
  • Nonformal Education
  • Special Needs Education
  • Psychology
  • Library and Information
  • Pedagogy: Elementary School Education and Preschool/Early Childhood Education

Social Science Education Faculty (FPIPS)[3][edit]

The Social Science Education Faculty is led by Prof. Dr. Karim Suryadi, M.Si (Dean). They have the following study programmes:

  • Education of Civics
  • Education of History
  • Education of Geography
  • Mapping Survey and Geographical Information
  • Education of Social Science (not to be confused with the other programmes, this programme aims to produce teachers that are competent in teaching Social Science in middle school)
  • Management of Resort and Leisure
  • Management of Tourism Marketing
  • Management of Catering Industry
  • Basic Study Fields (MKDU) (runs the education of Religion and Belief, Pancasila, Entrepreneurship, Social, Cultural and Technological Environment Education, Sport, Art and Indonesian for all UPI's graduate students)
  • Education Science of Islam Religion Education
  • Science of Communication
  • Education of Sociology

In Indonesian education system, Social Science is considered one subject in middle schools (Sekolah Menengah Pertama) and the teachers are supposed to be from the Education of Social Science programme. Meanwhile, in high schools, Social Science is divided into four subjects: Geography, Sociology, History, and Economy. With the exception of Economy, each subject's teacher is supposed to be from their corresponding programmes. The Education of Economics and the Education of Accounting programme, respectively, are available in the Economics and Business Education Faculty (FPEB).

Indonesian high school students may choose one of the three programmes: Science and Mathematics (Matematika dan Ilmu Alam), Social Science (Ilmu-Ilmu Sosial) and Language and Culture Studies (Ilmu Bahasa dan Budaya). While History is available in all programmes, a specialized history subject is available for the Social Science students (they study two subjects of history: General History/Sejarah Wajib and Specialized History/Sejarah Peminatan). Anthropology, in the other hand, is available for the students of Language and Culture Studies. Even so, students from the other programme may choose a maximum of two subjects from the other programme as an 'extra subject' (lintas minat) freely of their interest.

For this reason, the programmes available in all of UPI's faculties are also aimed to handle this 'lintas minat' as well as corresponding to the new curriculum system (which enables this 'lintas minat').

Faculty of Languages and Literature Education (FPBS)[edit]

The dean of the Faculty of Languages and Arts Education is Prof. Dr. Didi Suherdi, M. Ed.

List of programmes of Faculty of Languages and Arts Education:

  • Education of Indonesian
  • Education of Sundanese
  • Education of English
  • Education of Germany
  • Education of Japanese
  • Education of Arabic
  • Education of French
  • Education of Korean
  • Studies of Indonesian Language and Literature
  • Studies of English Language and Literature

Faculty of Art and Design Education (FPSD)[edit]

The FPSD was born by separating the art and design programmes from the Faculty of Languages and Literature (FPBS). Their building is at the old building of FPBS.

List of programmes of the Faculty of Art and Design Education:

  • Education of Visual Art
  • Education of Arts of Music
  • Education of Arts of Dance
  • Visual Communication of Design
  • Film and Television

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science Education (FPMIPA) [1][edit]

The dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science Education is Siti Fatimah, M.Si., Ph.D.

List of programmes of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science Education:

  • Education of Mathematics
  • Education of Physics
  • Education of Biology
  • Education of Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Education of Computer Science
  • Computer Science
  • International Program on Science Education

Faculty of Technology and Vocational Skills Education (FPTK)[edit]

The dean of the Faculty of Technology and Vocational Skills Education is Prof. Dr. Syaom Barliana, M.Pd., M.T.

List of programmes of the faculty:

  • Education of Civil Engineering
  • Education of Building Engineering
  • Education of Architecture Engineering
  • Education of Electrical Engineering
  • Education of Machinery Engineering
  • Education of Culinary Art
  • Education of Fashion Art
  • Education of Family Welfare
  • Agroindustry Engineering
  • Electrical Energy Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Housing Engineering
  • Machinery Engineering

Faculty of Sports and Health Education (FPOK)[edit]

The dean of the Faculty of Sports and Health Education is Prof. Dr. H. Adang Suherman, M.A.

List of programmes of the faculty:

  • Physical, Health and Recreational Education
  • Elementary School Sports Teacher Education
  • Science of Sports
  • Education of Sports Coaching
  • Physical Sport Coaching
  • Nursing (Diploma III)

Faculty of Economics and Business Education (FPEB)[edit]

The dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Education is Dr. Edi Suryadi, M.Si

List of programmes of the faculty:

  • Education of Economics and Cooperation
  • Education of Business Management
  • Education of Office Management
  • Education of Accountings
  • Accountings
  • Management
  • Science of Islamic Economy and Finance

Regional campuses[edit]

  1. Cibiru Campus, in Bandung Regency
  2. Sumedang Campus in Sumedang Regency
  3. Purwakarta Campus in Purwakarta Regency
  4. Tasikmalaya Campus in Tasikmalaya
  5. Serang Campus in Serang, Banten

List of rectors[edit]

  1. Prof. Dr. Sadarjoen Siswomartojo (1954-1961) (Dean of PTPG Bandung and Dean FKIP Padjadjaran University 1957-1961)
  2. M.A. Gazali Soerianatasoedjana dan Prof. Drs. Harsojo (1961-1963) Dean of FKIP Unpad A dan B
  3. Prof. Dr. H. Roeslan Abdulgani (1964-1966) (First Rector of IKIP Bandung)
  4. Prof. Dr. H. Achmad Sanusi, S.H., M.PA. (1966-1971)
  5. Prof. Dr. Garnadi Prawirasudirdjo, M.Sc. (1971-1978)
  6. Prof. Drs. H.M. Nu'man Somantri, M.Sc. (1978-1987)
  7. Prof. Drs. H. Mas Abdul Kodir, M.Sc. (1987-1995)
  8. Prof. Dr. H.M. Fakry Gaffar, M.Ed. (1995-2005) (First Rector while changed into UPI)
  9. Prof. Dr. H. Sunaryo Kartadinata, M.Pd. (2005-2015)
  10. Prof. H. Furqon, M.A., Ph.D. (2015–2017)[4] (died while in office)[5]
  11. Prof. Dr. H. R. Asep Kadarohman, M.Si. (2017–present) (substitute between time rector 2015-2020)[6]

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