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The Indoor Bowl was the main championship game of the National Indoor Football League (NIFL). In 2001, it was played between the top two teams who survived the eight-team playoff format. Since 2002, it has been played between the Atlantic Conference champion and the Pacific Conference champion.


Indoor Bowl results[edit]

Game Year Winning team Losing team Site
Indoor Bowl I 2001 Mississippi Fire Dogs 55 Wyoming Cavalry 12 Mississippi Coast Coliseum
Indoor Bowl II 2002 Ohio Valley Greyhounds 55 Billings Outlaws 52 WesBanco Arena
Indoor Bowl III 2003 Ohio Valley Greyhounds 45 Utah Warriors 37 WesBanco Arena
Indoor Bowl IV 2004 Lexington Horsemen 59 Sioux Falls Storm 38 Sioux Falls Arena
Indoor Bowl V 2005 Tri-Cities Fever 48 Rome Renegades 42 Toyota Center
Indoor Bowl VI 2006 Billings Outlaws 56 Fayetteville Guard 38 MetraPark Arena
Indoor Football Championship Bowl 2007 Fayetteville Guard 48 Wyoming Cavalry 34 Cumberland County Crown Coliseum

Indoor Bowl appearances[edit]

Billings Outlaws: 2 (lost 1), (won 1)
Fayetteville Guard: 2 (won 1), (lost 1)
Ohio Valley Greyhounds: 2 (won 2)
Lexington Horsemen: 1 (won 1)
Mississippi Fire Dogs: 1 (won 1)
Rome Renegades: 1 (lost 1)
Sioux Falls Storm: 1 (lost 1)
Tri-Cities Fever: 1 (won 1)
Utah Warriors: 1 (lost 1)
Wyoming Cavalry: 2 (lost 2)

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