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Coordinates: 37°56′39″N 58°22′38″E / 37.944241°N 58.377231°E / 37.944241; 58.377231

Inspiration Square
TypeUrban park
LocationAshgabat, Turkmenistan
StatusOpen all year

Inspiration Square (Turkmen: Ylham seýilgähi) is a public park at the center of Ashgabat in Turkmenistan. The park initially opened in 2010. It is located between the two central avenues of Ashgabat - Gerogly and Magtymguly. Its total area is 57,000 m2. Against the backdrop of mature trees along the artificial river, there are new seedlings planted, flower beds and flower pots. Two cafes serve basic food in the park.


The tracks in the park are lined with sculptures depicting prominent Turkmen poets, thinkers and scholars of antiquity and modernity.

Among them are Abu Bakr bin Yahya al-Suli, Abū-Sa'īd Abul-Khayr, Al-Zamakhshari, Mahmyt Kashgarly, Al-Farabi, Avicenna, Abū Rayḥān al-Bīrūnī, Sarakhsi, Jahan Shah. Original compositions dedicated to Musa Khwarizmi, Shamsetdinu Merveri, Mahmoud Palvan, Nedzhmetdin Kubra and Kazi Ahmed Burhanetdin.

The second part of the exhibition is devoted to extraordinary poets of the 11th through 19th centuries. Among them are Hodja Ahmet Yasavi, Yunus Emre, Azadi, Zelili, Seidi, Mämmetweli Kemine, Yusuf Balasagun, Nesimi, Fizuli, Alisher Navoi, Omar Khayyám, Andalib, Mollanepes, Myatadzhi, Abdurahmanhan and Bayramhan.

In the alley, dedicated to outstanding personalities in the history of Turkmenistan, are busts of Berdy Kerbabayev, Aman Kekilov, Beki Seytakov, Kara Seytliev, Kerim Kurbannepesov, Ata Gowshudow, Nurmyrat Saryhanow, Kurbannazar Ezizov and others.


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