Institute of Indonesian Arts and Culture, Bandung

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Institute of Indonesian Arts and Culture, Bandung
Institut Seni Budaya Indonesia Bandung
TypeState university
Established1968 (1968)
RectorDr. Hj. Een Herdiani, S.Sen., M.Hum
Jalan Buah Batu No. 212 Indonesia
, , ,
NicknameISBI Bandung
Isbi bandung.jpg

Institute of Indonesian Arts and Culture, Bandung (Indonesian: Institut Seni Budaya Indonesia Bandung, abbreviated as ISBI Bandung), is a state, arts and cultural-oriented educational institution located in Bandung, Indonesia.[1]


It was founded in 1968, replacing Dance Conservatory (Konservatori Tari (KORI)), Art Academy of Indonesian Dance, Bandung (Akademi Seni Tari Indonesia (ASTI) Bandung) and Indonesian Art College of Bandung (Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia (STSI) Bandung). It became the first and only arts institute in Bandung, Indonesia and teaches performing, visual and media arts .


Undergraduate Degree[edit]

Faculty of Performing Arts[edit]

  • Department of Dance, offers courses in Dance Performance, and Choreography, Modern and Traditional Dance
  • Department of Theater, offers courses in Acting, Directing, Stage Setting and Script Writing
  • Department of Karawitan Music, offers courses in Sundanese Music Performance and Composisition
  • Department of Bamboo Music, offers courses in Bamboo and Music Performance
  • Department of Sundanese Traditional Dance

Faculty of Art and Design[edit]

  • Department of Visual Art and Crafts, offers courses in Scenography, Graphic Design and Craft
  • Department of Fine Art, offers courses in Painting, Sculpture, and Art Research
  • Department of Make Up and Fashion Design

Faculty of Cultural and Media[edit]

  • Department of Television and Film
  • Department of Cultural Anthropology
  • Department of Photography

Master's Degree[edit]

  • Master of Fine Arts in Art Creation (project)
  • Master of Fine Arts in Art Interpretation (research)


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