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The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics was established in 1947 as Institute of Mathematics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Its name changed to Institute of Mathematics with Computing Centre in 1961, while from 1970 to 1988 the Institute together with the Faculty of Mathematics at Sofia University functioned in a unified structure, the Joint Centre of Mathematics and Mechanics. The present name was adopted in 1995.

The Institute carries out scientific research in the fields of mathematics and informatics, as well as their applications to education, science, business and industry, government, etc.

Members of the Institute hold teaching positions at a number of Bulgarian universities and colleges, providing also direction to Ph.D. and M.S. students. The Institute plays an important role in training gifted pupils, graduates, etc. for participating in major international competitions in mathematics and informatics. In particular, the Bulgarian team in mathematics has been ranking among the top five at International Mathematical Olympiad events in the recent years.


Algebra and Logic (former Algebra and Logic)
Analysis, Geometry and Topology
Computational Mathematics
Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics
Education in Mathematics and Informatics
Information Systems
Information Modelling
Laboratory of Digitization of Scientific and Cultural Heritage
Mathematical Foundations of Informatics
Mathematical Linguistics
Mathematical Modelling
Operation Research
Probability and Statistics
Software Engineering


Academician Lyubomir Chakalov, 1947-50
Academician Nikola Obreshkov, 1951-63
Academician Lyubomir Iliev, 1964-88
Academician Petar Kenderov, 1989-93
Sen.Res.Assoc. Nikolay Yanev, 1994-99
Academician Stefan Dodunekov, 1999 –




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