Inter-American Peace Force

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Honduran IAPF soldiers arrive in the Dominican Republic, 1965.

The Inter-American Peace Force (IAPF) was a peacekeeping force in the Dominican Republic from several countries from the Americas that was formed towards the end of the Dominican Civil War. It was established by the Organization of American States on 23 May 1965, after the United States's intervention in the Dominican Republic. It largely consisted of over 42,600 United States military personnel, plus the following troops were sent by each country;

  • Brazil – 1,130
  • Honduras – 250
  • Paraguay – 184
  • Nicaragua – 160
  • Costa Rica – 21 military police
  • El Salvador – 3 staff officers

Brazil eventually took over from the United States in 1966 and the IAPF was disbanded in 1967.

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