Islamist Bloc

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The Islamist Bloc

الكتلة الإسلامية
IdeologySalafi Islamism

The Islamist Bloc (Arabic: الكتلة الإسلامية‎), formally the Alliance for Egypt was an electoral alliance of Egyptian political parties, formed for the 2011–12 Egyptian parliamentary election. It consisted of two Salafist parties, Al-Nour and Authenticity Party, as well as the Building and Development Party, which is the political wing of the Islamic Group (al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya). The alliance was publicly announced on 3 November 2011.[1]

Formerly affiliated parties[edit]

Results of the 2011 Parliamentary elections[edit]

In the 2011/2012 parliamentary elections, the Islamist Block won 7,534,266 votes out of 27,065,135 correct votes, or roughly 27.8% of all votes. The Alliance thus received 96 seats out of 332 in the Egyptian Parliament. The 96 seats were divided between members of the Alliance as follows:

In addition, independent candidates of the Al-Nour Party won 28 seats out of the 168 seats allocated for independent candidates.

Additionally, three members of the Building and Development Party have been elected as independents.[2]

Thus, the Islamist Bloc won a total of 127 seats out of 498 (25.5%) in the 2012 Egyptian Parliament, thus becoming the second largest political bloc in the parliament after the Democratic Alliance for Egypt.


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