Józef Władysław Krogulski

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Józef Władysław Krogulski

Józef Władysław Krogulski (4 October 1815, Tarnów, Poland – 9 January 1842, Warsaw, Poland), was a Polish pianist, conductor, teacher, and composer.[1] He first studied with his father, Michał Krogulski [pl] (1789–1859), and later studied with Józef Elsner and Karol Kurpiński at the Warsaw Conservatory. His half brother had the same name (sometimes Władysław Józef [pl] instead) and lived from 1843 to 1934.

Selected works[edit]


  • Overture in D minor (1831)
  • Piano Concerto in E major (1830)
  • Piano Concerto in B minor (1832)


  • Octet in D minor, Op. 6, for piano, two violins, viola, flute, clarinet, cello and double bass (circa 1832)
  • Piano Quartet, Op. 2 (1835)
  • String Quartet


  • Piano Sonata (1829)
  • La Bella Cracoviena
  • Mazurka in D major
  • Mazurka in E minor (a la Chopin)


  • Last Goodbye
  • Let us praise the Lord
  • Mazur of the recent past
  • Lullaby for eternal sleep
  • Elegy Spirit
  • Coquette
  • God, how stupid it is


  • Requiem
  • There are ten Polish masses for two to four voices
  • Caravan in the Arabian Desert cantata for choir and orchestra
  • Miserere cantata for soloists, choir and orchestra
  • Passion oratorio for Good Friday
  • Angus Dei for three bass voices
  • Carol for male choir and organ


  • Oh, my little wife


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