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JMF Elite Forces
Elite Forces JMF Badge.svg
JMF Elite Forces Badge
Founded7 July 2008; 12 years ago (2008-07-07)
Country Malaysia
Allegiance Sultan of Johor
Branch Royal Johor Military Force
TypeElite forces (Special forces), Immediate action force
Size61 Operators (as the year 2017)
Garrison/HQIstana Besar, Johor Bahru
Nickname(s)"Komando JMF" (JMF Commando)
Motto(s)Pantas, Berani, Setia
('Fast, brave, loyal')
Commanding officerMajor General Tunku Ismail Idris

The JMF Elite Forces is a special forces unit in Malaysia placed under the responsibility of the Royal Johor Military Force (JMF) with the mandate of providing security and protection to the Royal Family of Johor, counter-terrorism and special reconnaissance in any incidents involving the state of Johor.


After returning to Johor from his services with the Indian Army in December 2007, Tunku Ismail Idris, the prince of Sultan Ibrahim Ismail, wants to remodel the JMF roles similar to the Vatican Swiss Guard.[1]

The JMF elite unit was established on 7 July 2008, by Tunku Ismail, who at that time was the JMF 2nd Staff Operations Officer and Training. He felt the need for a specific doctrine in JMF organisations to establish a special force capable of performing certain tasks efficiently. The establishment was also intended to provide the best personal security protection to the Johor Royal family.

To realise the objective, Tunku Ismail and 20 officers and members from JMF were trained in the selection of counter-terrorism courses by the Malaysian Army Grup Gerak Khas for three months at Fort Iskandar, Mersing, Johor. The courses were conducted with technical assistance and expertise provided by the Yankee Alpha Squadron of 22nd Commando Regiment and include the basic knowledge and specific skills appropriate to their duties as a special close protection to the Sultan of Johor Royal family.


The JMF Elite Forces establishment has several objectives, including identifying the best members of the JMF to participate in special teams and making them competent to perform specific tasks and develop self-esteem and level of JMF military discipline either on or off duty. The establishment seeks a friendly relationship with other Malaysian Special forces to share experiences and knowledge that will indirectly enhance existing professionalism. Tunku Ismail has the vision to see the establishment of the Elite Forces based on the JMF goals he outlined. One of them is making this a team that is able to perform the duties and responsibilities effectively, and the establishment of this as a springboard for the modernisation of the existing JMF service.

Duties and responsibilities[edit]

The JMF Elite Forces have a different range of duties to the regular JMF unit. Their duties include:

  • Keeping the security and protection of the Johor royal family, especially the Sultan of Johor, Sultanah of Johor, Prince and Princess of Johor and the Johor royal family who received the title.
  • To act as a VIPs escort to dignitaries and VIP guests, especially among the Johor royalties.
  • Implementation of privacy and confidentiality of operations that are necessary from time to time.
  • Being tactical deploy units that can respond at any time.
  • To act as a unit furtherance to the JMF.
  • Being an observer in the work of special intelligence and reconnaissance.
  • Combating terrorists who commit violence in the area of responsibility and hostage rescue movement can be made if necessary.

JMF Elite Forces are mandated to provide close protection duties for the following people:

  • The Sultan of Johor, former and current
  • The Sultanah of Johor, former and current
  • Princes and princesses of Johor
  • Other Royal families of Johor
  • The Head Minister of Johor
  • Foreign VIPs such as heads of states, ambassadors, etc.

Selection and advanced training[edit]

The selection only accessible to the current JMF troops. The sultan also encourages them to try for the JMF Elite Forces in their early 20s so they can stay fit for the special forces unit. Candidates will be tested with two Physical Fitness Test before sent to the Basic Commando Course at the Special Warfare Training Centre (PULPAK). The first two tests are conducted internally by JMF Elite Forces operators and its attrition rate is 90%.[1]

Physical Fitness Test[edit]

The test involves obstacle courses and much running.

Advanced Physical Fitness Test[edit]

All candidates and current members are required to go through the Advanced Physical Fitness Test. Current members are obligatory to maintain the same fitness as standardised by the JMF Elite Forces. Fail to do so, current members will be dropped from the unit. After the test, the Platoon Leader then will decide which candidate will undergo the Basic Commando Course with the Malaysian Army.

The test includes:

  • Camp stage:
    • Obstacle course
    • Fitness training
    • Combat training
    • Unarmed combat training
  • City Stage:
    • 30 kilometres (19 mi) daytime run
  • Final Stage:
    • 30 kilometres (19 mi) speed march in 40 kilograms (88 lb) full battle gear under 3 hours.

Basic Commando Course (12 weeks)[edit]

Lasts for 3 months, JMF Elite Forces candidates will be attached to the Malaysian Army and trained by the PULPAK. The graduation is done with Malaysian Army commando traditions. Graduates will receive green beret, light blue lanyard and the commando knife.[2] The elite forces candidates will return to the JMF and received JMF Elite Forces badge as a symbol being accepted into the JMF Elite Forces.

Advanced Training[edit]

JMF Elite Forces members will be sent to Sri Iskandar Camp, Mersing to received advanced training, also known as Special Forces Specialist Course, from the 22nd Commando Regiment and PULPAK. Some of the advanced course offered includes:


The uniforms of the JMF are standardised to all of the JMF units. The JMF Elite Forces commandos wore the uniform and beret same as the regulars. However, there are few accessories that separate them from the regulars.

JMF Elite Forces skill badge

The gold JMF Elite Forces skill badge is given to the members after they graduate from the Basic Commando Course. The badge is worn on the left breast pocket on their service dress while the black and olive version is used on their combat uniform.

Light blue lanyard

The light blue lanyard is inherited by the Malaysian Special Service Unit (MSSU; now known as 21 Grup Gerak Khas – 21 GGK) from the 40 Commando, Royal Marines. In the present day Malaysia, the light blue lanyard is the symbol of commando-trained and widely used by the commandos from Malaysian Army 21 GGK and Royal Malaysian Air Forces PASKAU. The light blue lanyard also was be given to the commando-trained JMF soldiers after they finished the Basic Commando Course at the Special Warfare Training Centre (PULPAK).[2][3]

Elite Forces shoulder tab

The yellow 'Elite Forces' embroidered on black background version is worn on the left shoulder at service dress and black on olive version is worn on combat uniform.

Weapons and equipment[edit]



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