Jacques Lanctôt

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Jacques Lanctôt
Jacques Lanctôt 2010.jpg
Jacques Lanctôt in 2010
at the Montréal Book Fair
Born (1945-11-05) November 5, 1945 (age 73)
Occupationpublisher, writer
Known forFLQ member who kidnapped James Cross

Jacques Lanctôt is a Canadian writer and publisher, restaurateur, and former terrorist.[1][2] Lanctôt, the son of Gérard Lanctôt, a former head of Parti de l'Unité nationale du Canada, a fascist party promoting Canadian nationalism,[3][better source needed] is a former member of the FLQ, a terrorist separatist group. He was one of the FLQ members who kidnapped James Cross, a British diplomat in October 1970.

Cross was released, and Lanctôt and the other kidnappers were allowed to leave Canada.[2] Lanctôt returned to Canada in 1979, and served two years in prison. Following his release he set up a publishing house.

He is currently a columnist for the Quebecor francophone news service Canoe.ca[4]


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