Jagoi language

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Native toMalaysia
Native speakers
29,000 (2000 census)[1]
  • Gumbang?
Language codes
ISO 639-3sne

Jagoi, Singai or Bau, is a Dayak language of Borneo. Gumbang dialect may be closer to Tringgus.[citation needed][original research?]


Bau language is divided into seven dialects, namely:

  • Jagoi - notably from Serikin, Stass, Serasot etc., towards Kampung Selampit in Lundu, Sarawak,
  • Bratak - used in kupua (kampung/villages) around the Bung Bratak (Mount Bratak),
  • Singai - used in the area and villages around the Catholic site of Mount Singai (from Kampung Apar towards kampung Bobak),
  • Biroih - used from Kampung Skiat area towards Kampung Seropak and towards Peninjau Lama (Serumbu area) who originated from Mount Podam,
  • Krokuang/Krokong - used in the Krokong area in Bau, Sarawak,
  • Gumbang - in Gumbang area, and
  • Tringgus - in Kampung Tringgus.


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