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Chilham Castle, Kent, 1825.
Arno's Grove, 1816.

James Colebrooke (12 May 1680 – 18 November 1752) was a mercer, banker, and citizen of London.

Early life and family[edit]

James Colebrooke was born at Arundel on 12 May 1680. He married Mary Hudson. They had children:[1]

Robert Colebrooke was member of Parliament for Maldon for 1741 to 1761 and then minister to the Swiss Cantons in 1762-64.[1]

Both younger brothers were at first opposition Whigs, but switched support to the Duke of Newcastle's government and were rewarded in 1759 with the creation of a baronetcy for James (who had daughters but no son).[citation needed] A special remainder of the baronetcy allowed it to pass to George when James died in 1761.[1]


Colebrooke was a merchant and banker, described by C.M. Tenison in Cokayne as "a great money scrivenor in Threadneedle Street".[1]

He bought Chilham Castle in Kent from the Digges family. The castle was sold to Thomas Heron by Robert Colebrooke.[citation needed]

In 1719[2] or 1720[3] he bought from Thomas Wolstenholme[4] the Arnolds Estate (Edmonton Hundred, Middlesex) in what is now north London. He demolished the existing manor house on the estate and set about building a larger house that became known as Arno's Grove. It was not complete at the time of his death and was finished by his son George.[4]


He died on 18 November 1752.[1]


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