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James Mangles (27 July 1768 – 25 September 1838) was an English merchant and politician.

Life and career[edit]

The son of Robert Mangles, a ship's chandler in Wapping, he went into his father's business, with his brother John.[1] He was also a shipowner in partnership with his brothers John (1760-1837), Timothy (1729-1795) and Robert (1732-1788). They owned at least four vessels that were employed in the South Sea whale fishery.[2]

Mangles was Member of Parliament for Guildford, from 1831 to 1837.[1] During the 1830s he bought Down Place, Surrey from Edward Turnour, 3rd Earl Winterton.[3] He became a director of the East India Company and served as High Sheriff of Surrey (1808-9).[4]


Mangles married Mary Hughes of Guildford. There were six sons and six daughters of the marriage, with ten surviving to adulthood.[5]

  • The eldest, Caroline, born 1792, married in 1815 the Rev. Arthur Onslow, as his second wife.[6]
  • The eldest son Frederick (1794–1869) married Marion or Marian Scott, daughter of George Scott of Ravenscourt; of Pendell Court, Surrey[7][8]
  • Pilgrim (1795–1828), director of the East India Company[9]
  • Charles Edward (1798–1874) married Rose Newcomb
  • Emily (1799–1826) married in 1825 Henry Waitby
  • Ross Donnelly (1801–1877) married in 1830 Harriet Newcomb
  • Jane (1803–1824)
  • Ellen (1807–1874) married in 1823 James Stirling.[10]
  • Albert (1809–1865) married in 1833 Georgiana Scott, daughter of George Scott of Ravenscourt.[11]
  • Hamilla (born 1812) married in 1833 William Preston R.N.[12]

John Mangles (1760–1837), brother of James Mangles (1762–1838), was father of James Mangles R.N.[13]


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