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Jamie Fellner is senior counsel for the United States Program of Human Rights Watch.[1][2] The U.S. Program focuses on human rights violations within the United States. From 2004-09, she also served on the U.S. National Prison Rape Elimination Commission.[1][3]


Jamie Fellner obtained a bachelor's degree from Smith College and went on to obtain her Juris Doctor from Boalt Hall at the University of California-Berkeley. Fellner also completed doctoral work at Stanford University in Latin American history.[2] She also can speak Spanish. [4]

Media appearances[edit]

Fellner's work has been widely reported on by the mass media and she has been a guest on numerous television programs.[2] She has appeared as a guest on ABC Evening News, The Today Show, Hardball, Crossfire, The O'Reilly Factor, All Things Considered, Hannity and Colmes, and BBC News.[2]


Fellner also wrote articles for different newspapers& such as:

  • Lethal Injections Ill-Conceived, With Painful Results[5]
  • Pain and Punishment for Persons with Mental Disabilities Behind Bars in the USA[6]
  • Power Failure: NYC Judges Penalize The Poor[7]
  • "US Right to Curb Harsh Drug Sentences", Human Rights Watch[8]
  • "A Drug Abuse Policy That Fails Everyone", The Huffington Post[9]
  • US: A Nation Behind Bars, Human Rights Watch, 2014 [10]
  • Decent Decision, Huffington Post. [11]
  • About mentally ill prisoners. December 2015. [12]
  • About mistreatment of inmates, [13]
  • US civil Liberties after September 11. [14]


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