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Jean Barbier (9 July 1875 – 31 October 1931) was a French-Basque author.


He participated in the creation and discussion of the Euskaltzaindia, the Academy of the Basque language.


He contributed regularly to the weekly Navarro-labourdin Eskualduna. He reviewed for Gure Herria from the time of its founding in 1921. His first publications were translations of religious works: Ama Birjina Lurden: les merveilles de Massabielle [Friend Bikina Lurden: the Virgin Mary of Lourdes] (1920) was based on a French work by the Abbé Prévost.[1]

In 1926, he published a novel, Piarres, with a preface Oxobi (Jules Moulier), which was pre-published in Gure Herria. Printed to 400 copies, it quickly sold out. The second part of Piarres was published in 1930.[1] The novel has been called "perhaps the most valuable creative description of Basque life at the turn of the [20th] century that we have".[2]


  • Supazter Chokoan, 1925, A. Foltzer
  • Ichtorio-Michterio, 1929, Bayonne
  • Piarres, 2 vol. (1926-1930)
  • Antxitxarburu-ko buhamiak (1971, Ikas)
  • Ixtorio-mixtorio ipuin-mipuinak (1990, Labayru)
  • Sorgiñak. Bi zatikiko Antzerkia (1931, Leizaola)


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