Ji'an Yalu River Border Railway Bridge

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Coordinates: 41°9′21″N 126°16′20″E / 41.15583°N 126.27222°E / 41.15583; 126.27222

Ji'an Yalu River Border Railway Bridge
Jian Yalu River Border Railway Bridge Chinese border post 2011 07 24.jpg
Chinese border post at the bridge
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese集安鴨綠江國境鐵路大橋
Simplified Chinese集安鸭绿江国境铁路大桥
Korean name

The Ji'an Yalu River Border Railway Bridge (Chinese: 绿; pinyin: ān jiāng Guójìng Tiěqiáo) is a single-track railway bridge that spans the Yalu River and connects the outskirts of the Chinese town of Ji'an in Jilin Province with the North Korean town of Manp'o in Chagang Province.

The bridge is 589.23 meters long and its height is 16 meters. It was constructed between 1937 and July 31, 1939 by Imperial Japan which during this time controlled both Korea and northeast China (through the puppet state of Manchukuo). A fortification near the Chinese end of the bridge dates from the same period. A square arch was added to the Chinese end of the bridge in 2004.

The bridge was used for shipping troops from China into Korea during the Korean War and was targeted by US aerial bombing; however, it was not destroyed.

From the Chinese side, the bridge is accessible for tourists who can walk up to a line close to the actual border.[1]

A new Ji'an Yalu River Border Road Bridge located upstream was completed and opened in April 2019.[2]


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