Jihad in the Path of God Brigade (Syrian Rebel Group)

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Jihad in the Path of God Brigade
لواء جهاد في سبيل الله
Participant in the Syrian Civil War
HeadquartersAyn al-Arab, Aleppo Governorate, Syria[2]
Part of Free Syrian Army
People's Protection Units Flag.svg Euphrates Volcano[3]
Syrian Democratic Forces
Split from Liwa Thuwar al-Raqqa
Allies Turkey
Euphrates Islamic Liberation Front
Liwa Thuwar al-Raqqa
Liwa Umana al-Raqqa
Group of Battalions Jarabulus and its Countryside
Opponent(s) Syria
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Battles and war(s)Syrian Civil War

The Jihad in the Path of God Brigade was an armed Syrian rebel group active during the Syrian Civil War, originating from the Raqqa Governorate but was also active in the eastern Aleppo Governorate.


The group was part of the Free Syrian Army in the Raqqa Governorate, originating as a sub-unit of Liwa Thuwar al-Raqqa in 2012, and continued to hold a close relationship with Liwa Thuwar al-Raqqa working closely with the group.[4] Though unlike Liwa Thuwar al-Raqqa it clashed frequently with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also unlike Liwa Thuwar al-Raqqa recognized the Supreme Military Council and the Syrian National Council and was officially linked with it.

The group was later completely expelled from the Raqqa Governorate by ISIL and was exiled in Kobani in the eastern part of the Aleppo Governorate later taking part in the defense of the city against ISIL, alongside other Free Syrian Army groups and the People's Protection Units (YPG), and went on to form a joint operations room called the Euphrates Volcano in 2014. The group was also allied with the Euphrates Islamic Liberation Front that together with the Euphrates Volcano operation room went on to form the Syrian Democratic Forces.[5]

The group participated in fighting against the Syrian government during the 2012-2013 rebel offensive in the Raqqa governorate, alongside groups including Jabhat al-Nusra, ISIL, Ahrar al-Sham and other Free Syrian Army and opposition groups eventually leading to the ousting of the Syrian government from much of the governorate, including Raqqa city itself.

In July 2014, the group published a statement alongside Liwa Thuwar al-Raqqa and another group called the "Group of Battalions Jarabulus and its Countryside" which is a Turkish-aligned Free Syrian Army insurgent group operating in the Raqqa Govenorate targeting ISIL by carrying out IED attacks, along with mortar strikes and minor clashes, asking for reinforcements to be sent by the Supreme Military Council in light of the growth of ISIL.

In 2015, the group joined Jaysh al-Salam and in 2016 changed its name to Liwa Ahrar al-Raqqa and officially joined the Syrian Democratic Forces.


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