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Joelle Big In LA.png
Joelle filming "Big in L.A." in 2012[1] wearing a brunette wig before her media reveal
Background information
Birth nameJoelle Amery
Born1998/1999 (age 20–21)[2]
United Kingdom[3]
Years active2013–present

Joelle[1][4][5][6][7] is an English schoolgirl and pop singer. At the age of 14, she first appeared live on UK national television on the Lorraine show as an alopecia campaigner[4] and subsequently appeared on ABC News in the United States.[8][9] Joelle is also a Young Person's Ambassador for the UK charity, Alopecia UK.[10][11][12]


Joelle's TV appearances followed the extensive press coverage that she received internationally in relation to pictures of her posing bald with her mother, Michelle Grayson.[13] The pictures of Joelle were taken by celebrity fashion photographer Dave Wise.[14] During the Lorraine show, Joelle told Kate Garraway about her childhood experiences coping with alopecia universalis, a hair loss condition that has afflicted Joelle since she was 8 years old.[4] As part of the interview, Joelle sang the lyrical excerpt "And you can turn on the morning TV and wish it was you instead of me", from her homemade music video "Big in L.A.",[4][15] an amateur music video production created by her and her family, using their compact pocket holiday camera while on vacation in Los Angeles.[8]

Video award[edit]

"Big in L.A." won the Best Music Video award at the 9th annual LA Femme International Film Festival,[8][16] Best Foreign Award in the Music Video category of the 10th annual Action/Cut Short Film Competition in California[17] and, following its UK début at the 2013 Portobello Film Festival in London,[18][19] was nominated for a Golden Trellick Award.

Vocal development[edit]

Joelle was referred to Phil Tan, who auditioned her in December 2011 and subsequently connected her with Peggy Johnson for vocal development.[20] Joelle is also vocal coached by Daniel Thomas, who works with Girls Aloud.[21][22]


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